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As others have said, playing SF games on a SNES is much easier than playing SNES games on a SF. It can be done, but it's a pain. If it's about the looks, maybe track down a Model SNS-101 (a.k.a. SNES Jr. or SNES Mini).

And Retrons are too unpredictable.

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Super Mario Bros. is the most important, IMO.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my overall favorite.

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55 Mbps on SpeedTest. 28 Mbps on TestMy (pfft...). 58 Mbps on SpeakEasy. 56 on Comcast.net.

I live in the western U.S.

$59 (about $64 after taxes and stuff) per month for Comcast internet and basic cable TV.

Can't complain.

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Does it have to be 2D? Great Little War Game and Great Big War Game are a lot like Advance Wars, but have 3D graphics. Some Worms games have been put out on Android, if that's your thing. Then there's stuff like Devil's Attorney, which isn't turn-based combat, per se, but is turn-based.

It would be nice to know what type of game you're looking for. Sci-fi, fantasy, military, etc.

Nothing I mentioned is free though. But some have free "Lite" versions.

Speaking of DS, DraStic and nds4droid are also available, but I'm not endorsing that sort of thing. >_>

Edit: Also, UniWar is pretty good.

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Gameplay. A good story makes it more enjoyable, but without good gameplay, I don't want to play it. I was going to say it depends on the game, but I can't think of a good story-based game with bad gameplay that I honestly enjoyed playing.

The Walking Dead is only good because of the story, but playing it isn't very fun, IMO. I would rather watch it than play it. Same with Catherine. As a game, it's not fun to play. The story (and choices) are the only reasons to tolerate games like that. That doesn't make them good games. Just games with good stories. If I can get the same enjoyment (or in some case more enjoyment) from a Let's Play video, how is that considered a good game?

Meanwhile, I can name plenty of games with TERRIBLE stories, or without any story whatsoever that I have sunk hundreds of hours into, because they are fun to play.

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It will not be $60 forever. I'll bet anything it will be $20 new, $15-ish used sometime next year. Problem is, you probably want something to play on your new console right now.

I think buying it used and selling it again is a good idea.

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@marc: To sum it up: You want to play that exclusive game, you're going to have to buy that console. Period.

I disagree that you shouldn't look ahead and evaluate what will be better in the long run. Yes, Sony or Microsoft could shut down. But I'm not going to pick my console based on the advice of a palm-reader.

The future of the PS4 looks good for me, so I went for it. Eventually, I will likely own an Xbox One. But for right now, PS4 is my Resogun/BF4/AC4 system, and I'm happy with it.

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@jonny_anonymous: AquaPazza; Playstation All-Stars (meh, I know); Divekick; some BlazBlue games... Sony has also been better about making the old, classic fighting games available on the PS3. Their streaming service could do the same on PS4. Microsoft only did some of that on the 360, and doesn't seem interested in bringing old stuff back again.

The usual suspects like SF, MK, DOA, SC, even recent Tekken games come out on both. Most new IPs come to both. Killer Instinct is the only Microsoft exclusive fighting game I know of. Which is fine, just not amazing. I'll admit, I only like fighting games, I don't love them. Honestly, I don't need much beyond SF and MK. So I have little interest in Killer Instinct, even though I played a lot of the original.

You said price is a factor. Is Killer Instinct worth $100 more?

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@jonny_anonymous: You like fighting games more? Do you like Tekken? PS4 is more likely to have Tekken. Even if you don't, PS3 had more exclusive fighting games, while most 360 fighting games were on both platforms. So PS4 might be a better fighting game console. But if you like Halo and cross-platform fighters like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, Xbox One might be the better choice, because it will have all of those.

I feel those are the aspects you should be looking at.

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