My *Almost* S-Rank List

These are games I could/would/should have an S-Rank, but don't for one reason or another. Almost means about 3 or fewer achievements left. Maybe more if there was DLC I didn't care to buy.

List items

Posted by Fergtron

Tales of Vesperia. Beat it twice and i still don't have all of the achievements. One requires you to record every enemy in the game into a bestiary, including one-time bosses. Crazy

Posted by gaftra

The Blood Bowl video game is a digital copy of the turn based board game. There is an achievement for never letting the opponent touch the ball. This is literally impossible unless your opponent intentional avoids playing the game.

Posted by Masonvd

Burnout Paradise. Really easy trophies all around, even with all the DLC. I'm missing a single trophy that requires you to have a PS3 compatible webcam and send a picture to someone. None of the webcams I have at home are compatible and I'll be damned if I'm going out and buying one just for an S rank

Posted by Jaresk

Both Borderlands and Burnout Paradise. Both cause I'm an anti-social with no friends. haha.