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I hoped they archieve these. I want to watch the crew's reaction to my bazooka cow again. :P

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I’ve sold my half of Code Avarice to Travis. Given up all my rights to CA as a company, and all it’s intellectual properties. I won’t receive any money from the sale of Paranautical Activity or any future games CA develops, I won’t be consulted on business decisions, and I won’t have any hand in development.

Because of a tweet.

That's fucked up.


"Because of a tweet" - the medium does not matter. Because of a death threat. That is the important part!

Saying "I'm gonna kill X" stops being okay when you're around 15 years old!

Yeah, not going to feel sorry for the idiot who don't know you can't say, 'I am going to kill X' online if you are a public figure head of something.

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Damn! My condolences, Jeff. Loss in the family always sucks. I hope you have some peaceful grieving time off, duder.

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I am utterly stunned. My hands are shaking as I type this. I was gonna go see him at PAX AUS in ten days. I find it a great personal loss that I never got to meet the man.

It's just a god damn shame. Why Ryan? Thw world is not fair.

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So this is gonna be one of those comment threads where all the neckbeard misogynists come out to play, is it?

You mean all video game website comment threads/all comment threads on the internet?

I looked at the comments specifically expecting to see exactly what I'm seeing. You don't disappoint, internet.

If you are implying all gamers are neckbeard misogynists, I disagree. I think, like small dogs compensating for their size, they just bark the loudest.

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@flamingeyebrows: I hope not, I'm of the opinion that the statue was gross, and that it should have been pulled. This was SUCH a minor issue, but when the media, in any industry, gets hold of a subject they know will generate controversy, they continue to run it into the ground. Which is fine when it's contained to NEOgaf or Kotaku, but I don't want this shit on GB. The only reason they post this crap is so Klepek can say "well my articles generate 1000+ comments and *insert number here* pageviews".


I don't think it is such a minor issue though. Marketing is direct communication to the potential consumer/audience and as such what they tell us through marketing is literally what they think we want to hear/see. As such I think we are responsible to communicate back to those in the industry that this, what the statue represent, is not the kind of attitude we want. As someone who is interested in maturing of this medium to a point that it can be taken as seriously as literature or cinema I think it is important to combat things that demean it as just cheap thrills. I mean everything about this statue is disgusting. They meld violence and 'sex' in the most tacky way possible in a cheap and misguided attempt to be 'mature'.

As for this being on Giantbomb, I respectfully suggest that you don't have to read it. This content is not mandatory and I don't understand your attitude of 'not Giantbomb'. Why not? Do you consider Giantbomb to be only light-hearted entertainment? I don't. I think there is a lot of industry insights in weekly podcasts and articles and that's what I come here for. It hasn't been 'ran into the ground'. It's just one article. I do not read NEOgaf and Kotaku regularly. If not for this article I would not have known about this. I am therefore glad that Patrick wrote this.

As for your seemingly personal dislike of Patrick, I have nothing to say. I have not encountered ay instance in which he have posted about pageviews or comments. I know Patrick strive more to be a 'journalist' then the other Bombcrew members and I appreciate what that bring to the site.

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So this is gonna be one of those comment threads where all the neckbeard misogynists come out to play, is it?