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Well, fun is subjective. However, I'm of the opinion that all games should strive to provide a unique and engaging experience. For instance, playing horror games isn't exactly 'fun' but it gives me a sense of terror that I can experience in a safe environment and revisit at any time.

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@bbalpert: This has nothing to do with overheating in this case. Enslaved is a really bad port. There is a guide that you can find to address this and a number of other graphical issues in the game.

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It really depends on the game in question. I've enjoyed a couple of remastered games such as Shadow of the Colossus and the Devil May Cry HD collection since it gives me a chance to experience an older game I never had the chance to play on its native platform and arguably in the best way possible on a modern platform. That being said, price is also another factor. I'd flat out refuse to pay more than half the price of a new release.

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I hate this hacker crap.

Just a cool little website I found courtesy of Empire. I know how many Jurassic Park enthusiasts there are on the site, with Mr. Klepek being one of the more notable ones. Enjoy!

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The only time I can think of a time a patch that size being justifiable was The Witcher 2's 'Enhanced Edition' patch. Can't think why Dead Rising 3 would need a patch this big.

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Oh boy...

That was my exact thought at reading the title to this thread.


Speaking as someone who's only dabbled in the original Devil May Cry, never played DMC2, and played the shit out of DMC3, DmC is a really interesting take on the source material. Like you, I really dug it despite being one of the many fans who had an immediate knee-jerk reaction to the Dante redesign. Most of the differences have been covered by other posts in this thread but if you liked DmC there's no reason you shouldn't like Devil May Cry 3 at least.

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I wouldn't consider Dead Rising 3 a system seller but it was the title I was most interested in during the XbOne and PS4 launch, so there's that.

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For the most part I'd prioritise gameplay over a storyline. However, to say that I haven't played a game to completion due to the story rather than gameplay would be a lie.

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It's A Wonderful Life. A true classic. 10/10