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  1. The Wolf Among Us
  2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
  3. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  4. The Walking Dead: Season Two
  5. Dark Souls II
  6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  7. Alien: Isolation
  8. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
  9. Hitman GO
  10. Titanfall

A slow year with many imperfect but surprising games.

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@nightriff: For me, it doesn't come close to the LotR trilogy and falls short of the first Hobbit film.

BOTFA is my least favourite film of the Middle Earth saga. Aside from some good performances, from Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage in particular, the whole film felt underwhelming and even annoying at times. Jackson dun goof'd in my eyes and it's a damn shame.

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@humanity: It has been an underwhelming year, unfortunately. Ah well, 2015 soon! Let us hope it's a large improvement on '14.

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Didn't win any games but managed to back about £6 by selling gems.

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It's a shame that you couldn't get into DiRT. DiRT 2 was one of my favourite games a few years back.

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Shadow of Mordor, for me, is probably the most over-praised title to release this year. The game's core mechanics are refined but highly derivative, save for the Nemesis System, and it doesn't have a compelling story or set of characters with which to keep me engaged with it (which is crazy given the game is set in Middle FUCKING Earth.) I didn't get a tonne out of the Nemesis System either but there's definitely room for potential growth there. All in all, by no means bad, just not Game of the Year material, personally speaking.

Also, where the hell have the awards and praise been for The Wolf Among Us? I feel like I'm one of a few who seriously dug it, this year.

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I'm well aware of the rumours and speculation that Sony has funded the development costs of Street Fighter V but has anyone found any solid proof of this?

With regards to SF V's exclusivity, it's a shame from a gamer's perspective but at least there will be a PC version. I would probably do the same thing in Capcom's shoes given their primary audiences, competition, and financial straits. I just hope Capcom can pull back and return to their glory days. DmC: Devil May Cry was fantastic but it's the first good/great Capcom title I've played in years aside from Street Fighter.

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If only I could list as many reasons as to why you should read my GOTY list in particular. I wouldn't be spending as much time on an internet forum posting about it then, I suppose.

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Your experience will definitely be enhanced if you've played the previous games but it won't be ruined if you haven't.