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That was a really well produced trailer! However, am I the only one who thought the music was a little off? Regardless, presuming that the majority of assets used in the trailer were in-game, Gran Turismo 6 is shaping up quite nicely in the visual department.

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That's really shitty to hear man. Thankfully, most of my recent packages have required a signature in order to be successfully delivered. I just hope that kind of practice becomes the default so stories like yours can be avoided. Hope you get some kind of compensation!

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Some killer deals going at Gamefly atm (some even beating the price of the Steam sale!)


Also a further 20% can be saved by using the code: GFDNOV20UK

Reckon I'll be picking up Payday, Rayman and possibly Ass Creed 3 myself.

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The only serious contenders for this title are Aliens: Colonial Marines and Ride to Hell. I voted Ride to Hell since Aliens is at least playable.

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My friends and I are in the middle of a discussion about video game sequels that surpass their predecessors. We've come up with a few easy ones like Mass Effect 2, System Shock 2, Devil May Cry 3 etc.

What are your opinions dudes?

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Awesome! Will be using this offer to hopefully convince my 'on the fence' friends about the game.

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That's shitty but like other people in the thread I'm not surprised you've had this kind of trouble seeing as you're an international customer.

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Hell yeah! Beyblades were pretty huge, at the time, in my primary school, same with Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Jackie Chan Adventures trading cards.

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I just hope that this doesn't kill off any potential openings in Aaron Paul's future career. He's great in Breaking Bad and I'd hate to see him disappear so quickly.

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I am against putting the devil's semen anywhere near myself or my food.