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I wouldn't consider Dead Rising 3 a system seller but it was the title I was most interested in during the XbOne and PS4 launch, so there's that.

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For the most part I'd prioritise gameplay over a storyline. However, to say that I haven't played a game to completion due to the story rather than gameplay would be a lie.

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It's A Wonderful Life. A true classic. 10/10

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Been eyeing up the God of War Collection (GoW 1 & 2 HD) and God of War 3 since I've never played any game in the franchise and feel like I should after getting a PS3 this Christmas. However, I'm not entirely sure where to start. Thoughts?

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You the man, mracoon! Consider myself, entered!

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@xshinobi said:

I know it all comes down to taste but the way people have been talking about this game you would think it was the worst thing ever made.

I haven't heard anyone talk about Ryse the same way most people talk about games like Dead to Rights. From what I gather it's a run of the mill action game with some pretty visuals and scores around the 3/5 mark seem fair.

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I have to basically force myself to game even though I really really want to game I just can hardly find much joy in it in spite of the fact that gaming is one of the only things that I do enjoy.

I find myself increasingly suffering from the same dilemma. The only game that I seem to actively want to play nowadays is League of Legends and that's only if I have a group of buddies to play it with whilst talking over Skype. This kind of attitude seems to come and go in phases (I was playing a bunch of Dark Souls not too long ago) but it's bothered me ever since I started to notice it.

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That was a really well produced trailer! However, am I the only one who thought the music was a little off? Regardless, presuming that the majority of assets used in the trailer were in-game, Gran Turismo 6 is shaping up quite nicely in the visual department.

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That's really shitty to hear man. Thankfully, most of my recent packages have required a signature in order to be successfully delivered. I just hope that kind of practice becomes the default so stories like yours can be avoided. Hope you get some kind of compensation!

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Some killer deals going at Gamefly atm (some even beating the price of the Steam sale!)


Also a further 20% can be saved by using the code: GFDNOV20UK

Reckon I'll be picking up Payday, Rayman and possibly Ass Creed 3 myself.