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Patrick Klepek, you wrote a great article! keep up the excellent work.

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Jeff and the other guys have never let me down before so I trust them that this is something good... but if for some reason this turn out really bad then I'm not worried because Jeff and the other guys have never let me down.

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Hahahaha AWESOME!

Thanks for sharing...

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@KZeni: @Sackmanjones: @Rolyatkcinmai:

I guess I couldn't explain my questions but thanks for taking the time to answer, they're helpful. I'd delete this post but I don't know how :/

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I'm considering buying a PS Vita (WiFi version is fine for me), I never had a Sony console so I'm not familiar with how Sony platform works but I'm a hardcore gamer, I enjoy complex games more than iPhone games, tough they're funny for a quick play.

So for a new "Sony gamer" what should I expect? I mean, is there more pros or cons for me than for long time sony gamers? Something specific I should consider before entering Sony platform? Is the Vita a good entry point?


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@planetary said:

For the most part, games are cheap. People who complain about game prices need to think about how they're spending their disposable income a bit harder.

Consider the price per hour of entertainment, overall. Uncharted's campaign is supposed to be about 11 hours long. That means it costs about $4.50 per hour, which is less than the per-hour cost of a movie at a theater. If you spend about 20 hours in Wipeout, that's $2 per hour, which is around the price per hour for watching some TV series BD titles. If Persona 4 ends up running the full $50, and you get 80 hours of play out of it, that's $0.63/hour, which isn't too far off from the per-hour price of reading a freaking book.

You can imagine broader comparisons. Comics tend to run $4 per issue these days, and take about 15 minutes to read, which gives you a rate of about $16/hour. A decent cigar costs upwards of $20 for an hour's enjoyment. A baseball game might run you $50 for the seat, $20 for parking, so call it $70 for 3 hours, or $23 per hour.

I say again: games are cheap. People like need to stop whining.

That's a very interesting point of view. Thanks for sharing.

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@Enigma777: Great. Thanks man!

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I've been looking at the PS Vita but I still have some questions. I hope you can answer them.

I found that games from the Sony Store are from some MB to 3GB in size. I I buy many games and there's no room for one more, can I delete one game to make room for a new one? If so, can I download again the game I deleted?


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I suggest to keep this thread visible until the end of this year. This way we will know if Vita hit that impressive number and as important as that we will also know how accurate are the forecast of Strategy Analytics ;)

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