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So, I'm taking a run at the Jack of All Trades trophy. Silly endeavor, yes, but a goal non-the-less. Maxing out most abilities only relies on yourself and some time, no biggie.

However... the Support class has a Supply Box Ability to max out and this mean other people need to use your supply box 250 times.

Other people don't ever bother to use it so this is a really annoying one to max out.

Anyone else looking to get this or willing to help out in a bunch of matches to use each other Supply Boxes to boost this?

I'd normally never ask a stupid thing like this but, i'm close, and relying on random people simply does't work :-/

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I start Forza, it brings me to a first race loading screen in the snow mountains (whatever track that is) and it just dies. Every time. sucks!

I'm going to try and reinstall it but... does it crash for anyone else. Not sure whats wrong with it.

BF 4 crashes too. So glad I bough an xbone. It's great at not working. At least my PS4 is a machine that works and I can actually play games on.

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i can't play at all since it crashes every time i start a MP game. waste of $60. i should have known better then to bother. every BF launch has been a fucking disgrace.

got it on xbone. effing waste of money.

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PSN: flannelbeard

Launch games: COD: Ghosts, Killzone, Resogun, Trine 2

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as for syncing, i am guessing, xbox is one system so it didn't need to sync. sony has ps3, ps4 and vita and they all show and register trophies at that same time so it needs to sync somehow.

i wonder if 360 and xbone works this way now?

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thanks for the info. really looking forward to Friday! have a safe flight.

i preordered mine on amazon. it's tuesday night but no shipping info yet. anyone else's ship out yet? just curious.

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i haven't played a witcher game before. i am going to buy witcher 3.

in part because it looks great, i've been wanting to get into it, and in larger part, because of this article and to support developers who are doing the right thing. i'll do the right thing too.

showing my support with my wallet.

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so there are only a few games that run native on Linux, but we can stream to this box/OS... so we'd still need a windows machine to stream games to our SteamOS box in the living room.

i need this why?


i know it's likely not for me and would work for others... but, at least, it sounds like they want to make a console (which PC people say they don't want) but they kind of have one but since it's based on Linux you still need to have a windows box to stream games to it and they announced it (like all Linux based projects) because they want to get the news out about this half an idea even though it doesn't work yet and is half baked and has not even a remote suggestion about a release date other than "soon" and we still need to build our own box (which we can do but most of the population can't) but we don't know when we can and they are staggering their announcements to gauge response.

you know the PS4 is based on FreeBSD, but, the PS4 has games that it can run on it's own, and it's cheaper, and it's one box, and i don't have to build it or maintain it or fix it when it breaks. What devices will games release on first? right xb1/ps4 so i'll stick with the appliance style machine since... like most normal adults I have a job and a family and will not sit around having to maintain yet another broken Linux machine.

i've worked with the Linux ecosystem directly for 15+ years, even did some projects, but Linux outside the server space is a joke. (fragmented andriod included). you can't build a coherent whole when literally everyone involved is pulling in different directions.

a machine is useless without an os, and os is useless without a machine and they are both useless without relevant apps that consumers demand.

Successful mainstream solutions... Apple, Sony and MS... love them or hate them... they sell a solution (hardware, os and useful apps consumers demand to use the devices) (an appliance turn key thing you simple plug in and turn on) at a price the market can bare for people who either don't have the knowledge or time to build it themselves but still want to enjoy the device. SteamOS fills none of those criteria.

... /rant.

sorry, i respect the whole PC thing and Steam but thus far, personally, i'm not all that into it... yet at least.

if you want PC games in the living room, plug your PC into your tv. done.

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let me add... I'm an adult. I work for a living. I have two kids and my house can be noisy at times.

  • I do NOT want to talk to my TV. Even if I did it's often to noisy. I'm not going to tell the other 3 people (my wife and two kids) to shut up every time I want to change the channel... or ever.
  • I do NOT want to wave body parts around like an idiot in my living room.
  • My living room (like most normal people's) is not even big enough for me to stand that far away from my TV. I sorta can but I am not reorganizing my whole house so I can wiggle at my TV.
  • Remote controls and buttons (and touch pads to a lesser extent work just fine).
  • Your controller was always to big, makes my hand physically hurt after playing for a while, and now, its, um, what, bigger again? really?
  • I DO NOT watch TV and don't care about it one bit.
  • My kids might like the idea of dancing in front of the TV but I'm not going to let them hurt themselves in a cramped space. Mommy always said no jumping and rough housing inside.
  • There is one place where voice commands work naturally and well. In my car so I don't have to take my eyes of the road. (by extension this makes talking to space ships... any vehicle really... OK)
  • My gaming time is limited these days. Show my why I would want to play GAMES on your GAMING DEVICE or SHUT UP.

just some thoughts from a grumpy 30-something Dad late at night who lives in, you know, the real world.

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I don't want to simply hate on the Xbox One... in all likelihood I will wind up with both the PS4 and an Xbox One (I own a PS3 and 360 now)... but honestly...

One thing I've haven't seen talked about much is...

They said it runs the Windows kernel (which I don't really buy entirely). Xbox One, underneath, appears to be just a Windows 8 appliance box. I really don't want just a Windows 8 box. If that's the case I could build a better one than that. I've used Windows 8 on a PC and a tablet and hate it. I can't imagine it being any better on my big screen. And really... fuck live TV. I don't need another box to watch commercials on.

Tangent... I use my consoles that I pay for, on a service I pay for (Live/PS+), for games I pay for, over an internet connection I pay for, and watch videos over Netflix which I pay for. For all the paying we have to do I want to be as far away from commercials and ads as possible. I understand ads support content, but free content. Paying this much money... get rid of the damn ads all over the Xbox UI or I not going to use it!... end Tangent.

Anyhow. We'll see what E3 brings but I have always liked Sony's first party titles so at the very least I will be getting a PS4. The verdict is still out on the Xbox One. I'm under impressed thus far.