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@ttthrasher: Fair enough.

@afabs515: If P5 comes out next Summer, then I'd feel pretty good about it hitting the West by the 2015 Holiday season. I'd be surprised if 2016 comes around and we're still waiting to play it.

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I can deal with TNA in video games, but when you use it to hide your shitty gameplay/story, my interest tanks immediately.

Half-naked Lolis are pretty effective at killing my interest, too.

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Not sure what folks were expecting to see on the stream. We got a P5 trailer/teaser not too long ago, so it's probably gonna be a while before anything else pops up.

P4Dancing is next in line, so it'll be getting most of the marketing love from now until its release.

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I'd buy it. All we've gotten from the Xenosaga trilogy in the last 8 years are a bunch of KOS-MOS guest appearances in RPGs.

She's usually included for the guns, the music, and the boobs.

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Playing through Yakuza 4 sucks because I got super attached to Shun Akiyama and I know that Yakuza 5 is hidden behind a language barrier.

Man, SEGA got me fucked up. I bought a Dreamcast back in 1999, man. I don't deserve this shit!

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I'm not even a football fan, but this suuuuuucks. There are grown men on the bench crying.

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I wouldn't be surprised if they pushed this back to implement NBA 2k's facescan technology.

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This game is similar to Ninja Storm Generations (?) Because it's a stopgap title that's meant to hold you over to UNS4. The crazy story battles and stuff are in the numbered games.

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Drakengard 3..?


If NBA 2K15, The Evil Within, and Dragon Age all suck, I'm just gonna put the entire Yakuza series on my list.

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Destiny doesn't get hype; it stays hyped.

Bungie's marketing team made a loot-based shooter look like the greatest game of all time, and from what I've seen, a lot of people bought into the hype. It's okay, though. Y'all can explore the rest of Earth in Destiny 2.

Please be excited.