Magic 2013 - Oh no, bugs again!

It may be understandable that a game with as many potential situations as Magic could experience a few bugs but by the third game you kinda have to wonder if the developers are paying attention to their product. Cards randomly attacking other cards and the entire UI disappearing isn't something that should make it pass playtesting but perhaps this isn't surprising when the last game released still has a bug that lets multiplayer opponents skip a section of your turn by activating card abilities.

Even without that some boneheaded decisions remain. In four player games the UI will cover opponents cards. Some card stat changes can be individually triggered, making the life gain deck in particular a new world record in testing your patience as the game slowly crawls through dozens, potentially hundreds, of stat changes. The deck manager is totally inadequate for editing up to 100 cards, not stacking duplicates or allowing you to restrict by mana cost.

Maybe by the fourth game they will manage the quality we would have expected two games ago.