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Has anyone else drafted Kevin Taylor in Franchise? Left handed QB who has a high speed rating. Anyone find it interesting that Kevin Taylor was the name of another guy who got busted for a dog fighting ring in Illinois? I know it's a pretty generic name, but is it too similar to be a coincidence?

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Been out of the "hardcore" gaming scene for a while now and have kind of fallen out of touch with some major releases. I was recently in an accident and will have a lot of free time (about 6-8 weeks off of work). I am looking for a couple games to keep me busy in the mean time. I haven't played Assassin's Creed since Brotherhood came out (loved it by the way), and I was wondering if I could jump into Black Flag without any problems. Also, Saint's Row 3 always looked fun, but should I just jump in to 4 if it is that much more fun. I'm kind of looking for fun games that will be mostly stress free haha. Even games like Vanquish and Prototype look enticing at their $10 price points! Let me know if you have any other suggestions!


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As exciting as it would be, I kind of figured they still have another solid Holiday season left with Halo 4 due to come out. Just like last time, Halo 2 came out and the 360 had its big reveal at the next E3.

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@kylekrueger said:

" i use and assassin with increase armor, faster health regen, and the juice upgrade and its pretty sick. "

Yeah I was thinking of doing that next, seeing as how the assassin's health is it's biggest (if only) weakness.
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Anyone have a good custom class that has been working for them? 
So far I've been using an assault with high skill regeneration (I'm a big fan of the dash-grapple) , bullet damage, and armor.

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@MjHealy said:

" I was playing Assassin earlier on today and didn't have much fun. I love playing Spy in TF2 but the Assassin was just annoying me. If anything, the Support is the overpowered class. I was ripping people up with that class earlier on today. "

Yeah, in class games I always go for the assassin/stealth character, but I just wasn't feeling it in this game. The most annoying class so far for me has definitely been support. Those fire bases can be vicious if the support stays there and heals it while the robots flock in. A lot of strategies seem overpowered at first, but once the game has been out, people will have to find different ways to play. In most attack/defend games like this, you find a strategy that works great in one round, but during the next round, the other team figures out how to counter it. I don't think there is a class that is really overpowered, but obviously there is a sort of rock/paper/scissors gameplay here. If one team has a strong support player and the other team does not have a strong player in the class that can best counter the support then it will seem unfair.  
Or I can be totally wrong and there are balance issues, we'll have to wait and see.
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Sounds great. Thank you very much!

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I was looking to buy this game now, but when I go away to school at the end of the month my school will be giving me a Macbook pro. Do both versions of the game come in the same box? Will I be able to install it on the computer I have now and then install it again on my mac? 
Thanks for the help!

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@Rodiard said:
" Not a single negative response so far. This is not what I expected to see upon entering this thread. Good on you, GB community. "
There really is no need to be negative about it. The ad does not pop up, enlarge when you roll your mouse over it, or play any kind of annoying music. Also, a Best Buy ad is something that is completely relevant to a video gaming website. If the quest set were sponsored by Dove soap, there might be a little more complaining.
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Looks alright, but it probably wont come close to LBP.

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