Imagination come true

I remember being fascinated by Fantasy themed (role playing) games way back before I even understood what Fantasy was. I remember playing the original Final Fantasy at a friend's house and they were all wondering why  loved the game so much. Why watch 1 of 4guys walk forward and show his sword twice when you can play games like Super Mario Bros or Ikari Warriors or an other action-packed game. \ 
Besides my love of the fantasy theme, I had the whole battle play out in my head every time. I especially remember playing through Dragon Warrior (on my own, since my friends couldn't appreciate these types of games) and fighting the last dragon at the end. Back in the day it looked like this: 

I really enjoyed that last battle, where I saw my character dodging and weaving while slashing at the dragon and blocking it's fiery breath. I specifically remember the phrase: Fireballs sprout from your fingertips, and I remember seeing in my head my character pointing his hand at the dragon as fireballs sped to my arch-nemesis.  
I am so happy to be able to experience this fantasy-scene in my head come to live in games like Dragon Age and World of Warcraft and such. I haven't reached this part yet, but I came across a dragon-battle in Dragon-Age: Origins on youtube an this is exactly how I imagined these battles would be like back in the day. (minus the pausing of course:)) 
As I said before, I haven't reached that part yet but when I do...Man is it going to be sweet!!
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My WoW Collection

This idiot buys all of the collectors editions of Blizzard games since he's been able to afford them. Here's what it looks like: 

If you look behind the Burning Crusade box, you can catch a glimpse of my Starcraft 2 collectors edition box. 
And nope, still not regretting the purchases. 

Christmas 2010

Allright, let's start this blog with an image:

My Christmas presents

So, these are the games I got for Christmas. I also bought two more physical games:

Rockband 2 & Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Xbox 360. Rock Band 2 is really hard to find here in Europe and Batman: Arkham Asylum

was on sale for 13 euros. I also bought way too many games on Steam due to the crazy sale they've been having since December 20th. (I now own THREE copies of batman, because the goty edition was also on sale on steam for 7,50)

I also got Assassin's Creed 2 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. On the way to the store I actually found 20 euros on the ground, which led me to buying Donkey Kong Country Returns & Super Mario Galaxy 2.


Things I learned from videogames

 War, Horseman of the Apocolypse
So I am alone for a big part during this Christmas-break. And with the Steam sales I am spending waaay to much money. I bought Darksiders since it was on sale. I had eyed it before release, but after release everybody talked about how it emulates different other games. And my brain went: rip-off. But it was cheap and had steam-achievements to boot, so I bought it. But my God, I LOVE this game! It does emulate a lot of games like God of War, Zelda, Metroid, Ninja Gaiden, Devil may Cry but to me it's greater than the sum of its parts. I really enjoy the art-style, the game-play is fluid and it looks great. The fact that I love mythological stuff and i immediately recognized the voice actor of the main protagonist to be the one that voiced Illidan as well kind of helped too.  (and armored angels!? That's just awesome!)

The game has great pacing, changing things up continually and at the part that made me think of Panzer Dragoon, I came up with a new post about Games & Philosophy. 
The last time I talked about  Games & Philosophy I talked about how videogames improved my English and since I am from the 8-bit era it also taught me perseverance. (savepoints? What the heck are those?) 
 Some flying thing
When I got to the point where you take flight and you control the armored winged wyvern-like thing with the left stick and aim with the right. So essentially a dual joystick shooter. This made me think to back when I first had to use two analog sticks at the same time. Some wire up there has to be made to do this correct since I grew up with a d-pad and some buttons. Which also made me think about what people do when they try to control some on-screen dude for the first time. Yup they swing the controller like mad trying to get the on-screen dude/dudette to do stuff. (which is how the Wiii was born) it takes some getting used to for sure, Everything new takes getting used to, but eventually I did.  
Which made me think of the time where I transitioned from console gaming into pc-gaming. I actually thought of buying the monstrosity called the Sidewinder dual strike  to play FPS games 

imagine how much I would have gotten pwned in Quake 3 Arena if i actually had bought this. So the point is that I had now gotten so used to dual joysticks, I wanted this to also be part of my pc-gaming experience regardless of the fact that these games were and are specifically designed for a mouse & keyboard. 
In videogames human beings are usually portrayed as highly adaptable and able to react to changes quickly. In my experience, looking at my own behavior as well as those around me, I must say that we are absolutely not the creatures of change we think we are, We hold on to habits as long as we can and only change when we NEED to. I finally adapted to the mouse & keyboard controls because I wanted to play Baldur's gate. And that game just couldn't be played with a controller.  
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New stuff to practice!

Looky looky what came in the mail! 

Now, i need to get some practice in. I am definitely more consistent with this thing. Every time something misses i know it was me. But i really have to get used to it.  
Now on to practice!
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The many forms of Basora

The various forms of Basora, my main in World of Warcraft. 

Basora withe the awesomely named Greed & Pride. The old God of War style weapons. My favorites by far.  They just didn't have enough dps anymore or else I would have kept them. You get one of them from tokens and the other is a drop in Heroic Caverns of Time: Stratholme.

Don't know if i got these before or after Pride & Greed, but they were HUGE! From Sons of Hodir rep. 

My latest pvp-set.Looks pretty cool, but somehow I liked the Vanilla one better. Maybe because I grinded my ass of for that one. need to get some more pvp stuff and raise my resilience even more. At about 1040 resilience atm and doing much better in BG's. 
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Achievement incoming!

So! Giantbomb now has achievement onsite. That's awesome! 
But I didn't just want to blog for achievement's sake. So I'll just tell you about the last 2 games I bought: 
Resistance: Fall of man 
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 
They were pretty cheap, but unfortunately the store sent me a platinum Crisis Core. (it was not listed a platinum) I don't really mind the different packaging in general, but this is the first platinum psp game I now own. So it kinda sucks. Just bought me a psp about a month ago and am starting to collect the games you just need to have a s a ps3-owner. I got myself Flower, Super Stardust HD and thinking of getting Fat Princess. I also got Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction & Killzone 2.  
So I now own 830+ games and hope to hit 1000 at the end of this year. But for now i won;t be buying any games because I really want to get a proper full-HD televison now that I have a bluray player. I can justify it now, since my girlfriend is really into movies and now she wants an HD television as well. :) 
You just have to play your cards right. After that I'll start adding to my ps3 collection again an then  i'd like to go for a proper home theater system.
Achievement incoming!

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Ninja Gaiden

I' ve been playing one of the games in my ENORMOUS backlog: Ninja Gaiden. I remember this being the first game I bought when I got the original Xbox. I got halfway through and found myself at a boss with less than half my health and no potions. After she kicked my ass plenty times I gave up and my schedule never allowed me to pick it back up again.  
It still holds up if you ask me. The graphics still look pretty good and the gameplay, oh man the gameplay. There is nothing like kicking an enemy away from you (either through a combo  or counter-attack) and to follow him/her/it with a roll, a jump and a finishing slash. The thing that makes it better than say God of War (which I also really love) is that least five different command inputs in the course of 1-2 seconds. That shit really makes you feel like a Ninja.  
I also noticed that now that I have played Ninja Gaiden 2, this one is easier to get through. I am also playing different. I play through an area all the way using all the potions and whatnot is needed and then reset the console and play through it seriously to keep my item-use to a minimum. Because that Boss is going Down!  
Oh and i got stuck at the damn Armadillo Boss in NG2. In a way Ninja Gaiden can be considered the bullet-hell shooter of the action-adventure genre. Consider this: Every pack of enemies can kill you. When you get to a boss a first encounter kill is highly unlikely since you need some time to study it's attack pattern and discover it's (really short) moment of weakness. Doesn't that sound like a bullet-hell shooter to you? 
Oh and besides this one I am getting some achievement in WoW and playing Final Fantasy X although I have an unhealthy craving for Final Fantasy XII. I haven't finished a Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy 7. And the sad part is: I own them all, including the remakes. Except Final Fantasy 6, but i'll wait for the remake. :) 
Oh and I plan to get a ps3 soon and I will most definitely pick up Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2. The last time I wanted to buy a ps3 I ended up buying the GTX 275 videocard instead. :P Not regretting it.


Resident Evil wooziness

Since I got up early today I decided to play some Resident Evil 5 on the pc in order to play something other than WoW. I also decided to go with the pc version first before I hit the 360 version. The idea is that I get to know the harder parts of the game eg the bosses before I switch to the slower control scheme. 
But boy does this game make me woozy. It really hit the motion-sickness sweet spot. And the weird thing is, it gets worse when I lock down the frame rate to 60hz which is the refresh rate on my monitor. But when I  unlock the frame rate it is actually playable to me, although i still feel the impact the game has on my motion sickiness.  Isn't it supposed to be vice versa?
Anybody else experience this?

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