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That is one great app man, keep it up! Exactly what I was looking for.

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@MAGZine said:

Length is important, but you're not impressing anyone without girth.

Yes I'm talking about videogames.

Hahahha, that is the best metaphore ever! :)

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Very sorry to hear about your loss. Take your time to go through the mourning process and keep your chin up. Life goes on and I am sure he would've wanted you to be happy.

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Don't remember the exact quote, but it went something like this:

They should have called this game dick-kickers. - Self-Defense training camp

Had me laughing for a good minute.

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Oh wow,

Just about finished the first week I was off for this year. And it was awesome! I was planning on finishing up a couple of games I had started like FFXII, Red Dead Redemption, Mass Effect and catch up on the new patch in WoW. I was also planning on S-ranking some downloadables like Outland, Bastion, Final FIght, Pixel-junk shooter & such.

Then the steamholiday contest happened and I am chasing all these stupid achievements. It has introduced me to a couple of cool new games though, but I had to turn off the feature on raptr that tweeted when I played a game for the first time, because it was spamming like crazy. I am almost to 30 of these crazy achievements with a couple more to unlock. (planning on playing through dawn of war this week)

It's not as I had planned it, but I am having a great time! It is the first time this year that I have no obligations and can game as much as I want. My girlfriend doesn't mind either since she needs some movie time for herself as well. Though she occupies either my 360 or PS3 while she's doing that

And I got a cool Christmas present from my girlfriend's sister as well,behold the pally:

He be fighting my dwarf I bought a long time ago. Which is kinda weird since I play Horde and now I have two Alliance statues.

And my game before bed is Metroid: Zero Mission. When I am through that one, I'll be firing up Crisis Core: Final Fantasy.

Like I said, I be having a damn good time.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:

I hope there's a sale. Really want Guild Wars Trilogy and whatever else I can get for 2 bucks.

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Populous the remake?

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I love it! It reminds of that old NES game where you had to fly to different planets to recover ship parts, but they all had a different kind of gravity. Anybody know it?

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@Hailinel said:
Somewhere, the PixelJunk crew is continuously IMing the Sony network staff.  "Is it up yet?" "No." "Is it up yet?" "No!" "is it up yet?" "NO, FFS."
Lol, but seriouly. Brong the damn thing back up!!! It's taking way too long!
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Their vagueness about all the dates is starting to wear thin and frankly starting to piss me off a bit. Before the end of the month. Well the end of the month is here, nothing. 0 Communication. Feels like their pulling my chain.