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Yeah, I was expecting those, but this is just too uncanny. Reaaaally looks like fallout.

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Fallout immediately comes to mind: 

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The thing about hack 'n slash dungeon crawlers is that the combat needs to be astoundingly excellent. Since the combat is 99% of your activity, it needs to feel right. Games like Dragon Age or even Baldur's Gate have you infatuated with the world, your party setup, character building & role-playing & you role in the world. 
Your goal for games like Diablo & other action rpg's is: Kill everything! 
But even then the formula is hit or miss. The thing I think is important is this: Overkill! Since the only thing you are doing is slaying monsters, you need some sensory overload accompanying this. I remember that in Diablo 2 we had Druids running around whilst being the center of a Maelstrom, Sorceress' would 25 lightning bolts as fast as you could click. Same goes for the Amazon firing 15 arrows at the same time, or the Barbarian whirl-winding across the screen tearing up everything in sight.  
Thats the kind of overkill that I generally miss from other Diablo-like games. They lack that excitement. 
Having said that, it looks as if Diablo 3 is shaping up to be exactly what I just described. (See the runes explanation here: http://eu.blizzard.com/diablo3/world/systems/runestones.xml
I am stoked!

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A lot of things I WANT to play, but I just don't have the time right now. Been playing the Gears 3 beta to get the retail unlockables and I just got into a guild in WOW that fits me, so i got to get back into that. At the same time I am actually getting better at Starcraft 2, so I need to keep that practicing up as well. But i'll have more free time when July hits an then I really look forward to finally finishing Final Fantasy 13, finishing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on hard, getting further in Dragon Age and do some raiding in WoW.

But all that will be blown out of the water if the Diablo 3 beta hits, then i'll just be playing that all summer. :P
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3 days later and I got the gold lancer in retail! Not bad. :)

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I don't think you should blame iTunes, but rather blame the artists for putting out mediocre records. When I hear a song i like, I go check it out on iTunes an immediately check out the album. If I like 4 songs, I buy it. In other words, the other works of the artists are really great too. That's the way it should be if you ask me.

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Oh man that retro lancer charge is sooo satisfying when it hits. Never gets old.

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Just unlocked my gold skin for the Retro Lancer in Gears 3 and I am calculating that I now need 20 kills a night to unlock that skin in the retail version.

I think this new way of getting people interested to play your beta and at the same time invested in your upcoming game is absolutely brilliant. I own both gears 1 and 2 and I might have like 10 hours total invested into the Multi-Player of it. First of I kinda suck at twitch gaming (except Starcraft 2, I am actually getting better at it) and the community skills grow like mad in these types of games. The hurdle to overcome is just huge as you as a noob will be taken out again and again before you can get off a shot. The uphill climb is very steep. 

I have now invested loads of time into the beta and unlocked the Thrashball Cole costume for the retail version. I am now contemplating buying the game at release to get a little bit of a head-start as well in the Multi-player. I even went back to Gears 2 multi-player when I saw that you could unlock a chrome skin, but I just don't have the time. I do hope I have the time to unlock it and still have a chance to unlock the gold retro lancer in retail. I even curbed my WoW time to be able to get this and patch 4.1 just came out! SC2 is also low-key now, but my zerg-timings are getting better. 

I do hope I have the time to get those 20 kills a night as we are coming up to a very busy period at work.  But I can hope, can I?

Also this game sounds amazing on my new surround set. I worked to get finally own a quality home theater set-up and it makes me think to back in the day when i was still studying and had to rent a N64 to play Zelda in my small-ass TV. 

To all you younguns, stick with it. It's really rewarding when you can finally play these games the way they were meant to be played on a system, TV and home theater setup you yourself worked hard to get. 
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Kind of rolled into mine, but I am sure this is for me. And when you look back to your childhood an stuff you've always been doing it will all make sense.

Somehow I became a dance-teacher, been running a dance-company with my girlfriend for the last 5 years. But looking back it makes a lot of sense. Besides gaming it was one thing I did the most.
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From Suriname, South America. Currently Living in the Netherlands.