24: The Energy Drink, only £0.29.

So I was in town helping my little brother shop ("Dude, just get Dead Space." "Is it like zombies or something?" "... Look, we go through this every time, just get Dead Space before I start cutting your fingers off." "Yeah, maybe tomorrow or something.") when, suddenly, I realised I hadn't drunk anything but half a pot of coffee throughout the entire day. Instead of doing the smart thing and going home, having a glass of water and lying the fuck down, I decided to have more energy! But I didn't just get any drink, mind you.

We went to a cheap food store, with promises of an energy drink for just 29 pence (according to a moon money converter on the internet, that's the equivalent of 40 cents), it turns out that it's covered in 24 branding.

In case you're wondering, the diet one is on the left. I'd have gone with the full experience if Farmfoods stocked it.
In case you're wondering, the diet one is on the left. I'd have gone with the full experience if Farmfoods stocked it.
"24 the Series Diet

Be your own action hero...

When the clock is ticking, revive and conquer Jack Bauer Style
You can pack a lot of action into 24 hours...
Every second counts...

Now, at first, I was worried. Actually, the whole experience has been kind of harrowing. Could this drink successfully replicate the extreme lifestyle of Jack "Damn it!" Bauer in liquid form? Could I even handle such an intense experience?

The first thing to test was smell, and frankly, this is the first time I haven't exaggerated when I've said something smells like an odd mix between a cleaning product and some burned sugar. My and my brother have differing opinions on the colour, I think it looks like lemon-lime, whereas he opted with the phrase "neon piss". Charming, huh?

In terms of flavour, it also tastes like something I could kill germs with. No, really. I have a headache from drinking this stuff and I think my nose is bleeding as I can smell blood. Every sip of it is like a punch to the face in liquid form. I actually kinda feel like I'm gonna die any second.

So yes, I'd say it successfully replicates the intense experience of 24 which has you gripping the edge of your seat. Except I really am gripping the edge of my seat, and I can't stop tapping my feet to a rhythm in my head. At the least it was extremely cheap and I had a legitimate excuse to yell "Every second counts!" in public.

What's the best/strangest branded drink you've found? And can someone please call a doctor?

I feel old.

Southern England's currently experiencing the most snowfall in apparently a decade, correct that, it's gripped. Gripped! The country is at a standstill! Sorry, I write like that sometimes.

Hate to tell you this dude, but it looks like the buses are cancelled today.
Hate to tell you this dude, but it looks like the buses are cancelled today.
It's a shame really, I've been fighting the urge to impulse-buy Guitar Hero and Rock Band (even though I don't have anybody to play with =/) all day, I'd prefer just Rock Band but you can't buy the guitar seperately and I am not paying £100 for the band-in-a-box on it's own.

Oh, right, the snow! My brother dragged me outside and I got into a showfight with some kids, and now I kinda feel like I'm gonna throw-up, real bad, I've also been outta breath for ages... I'm a damn mess, second I get a job I'm getting a gym membership so I can kick those kids' asses in snow fights, I'LL SHOW THEM!

I'm also seriously burned by the City of Heroes/Villains free trial, did you know you can't team up or whisper on a trial account? Yeah, weird, I figured the online part of an online game would be the selling point for them when someone was unsure about getting it. I was having such fun until then, too. Oh, also, the levels of the mobs are spread-out mad-crazy, every time I leave the hospital my character's in I get chased down by a bunch of ninjas 5 levels higher than me, which isn't fun.

STOP THE PRESS: I just dropped a cup of tea on myself.

So, uhm... Yeah.

I hit backspace while I was choosing a forum to put my first (technically fourth) blog into so it's still not viewable as far as my vast intellect can tell me. I know, I really do suck, and this is why I never really do social networking!

Feel free to discuss how much I do suck at blogging, or how you're gonna go read it now anyway as it must be so great to warrant reposting. It says Operation Anchorage kinda sucks! It's edgy.


So I decided to try and post the same blog better now.

Damn, I just keep messing these up, let's put this in a forum now so it can actually be viewed by other people than creepy e-stalkers! I know, I suck. I suppose I should introduce myself, eh? I'm 19, I've been playing games since I was 6 or so and just recently started getting posts downvoted after I say lame jokes in topics on here despite being around since the early days.

I suppose the next step would be to say a bit about what games I'm playing? This is a videogame site, after all. Uhm... I've been playing a lotta Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Skate 2, mostly. Been trying out a lotta MMO free trials too but I dun' feel like writing about them just yet.

I'm feeling pretty burned-out on Banjo-Kazooie, actually. I spent the best part of five days storming through that, loving every second of it... Then I hit a brick wall: That stupid ice race with Klungo in Banjoland. That thing shouldn't be hard, this is a kid's game, I'm probably best at driving games and yet I cannot beat that damn snake-man! It just feels so frustrating to keep losing those challenges where I can't go "Okay, I'll mod the vehicle and BLAST YOU WITH ROCKETS! *puts like ten Clockwork Kaz's on the car*" and I dunno, I've only just picked it up again (like, I'm playing it right now).

I feel like I'm done with Skate 2, at least until someone I know on Live picks it up. I used to rock Tony Hawk's games back in the day so this game had that kind of appeal to it, but the two pro challenges I have left ('Can you spell GIRL?' and that Alien Workshop 360 flip one) are too damn hit-and-miss to bother with. My one frustration with that game is the stick feels like it has too much to do, and the control system's far too unforgiving in those kinds of challenges.

Each game had very clear merits, but those experiences kinda soured the games for me. Oh well, how are you? And what're your experiences with the games?

Oh! Operation Anchorage also, the gauss rifle is awesome, and so is the Chinese stealth suit, and they're really useful for your character. In terms of the quest line? Kinda boring, it really is just shootin' Commies for three-to-five hours and I'd want to legitimately keep that winter suit in the PC version for the price that DLC's going.