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It isn't even necessarily about the workflow. It's difficult to develop gameplay and adapt to a new architecture (and code libraries) at the same time.

The easiest way to do it is to separate the two. But it's hard to justify that use of employee time. By making it a product, there is justification for the work and you can get on with it, and recoup the cost through sales.

This is assuming devs will want to use their old codebase. Some devs throw their old codebase out or just start with a new codebase they purchased (which is what happens when you buy UE3 and go to UE4 for example). But a company like Naughty Dog wants to keep using their codebase. Heck, they've used parts of it since Jak & Daxter.

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It was already announced to start at $350! And you can be sure many configs will cost more than that.

Also if this watch turns out to be $300, I'm going to tear my hair out.

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I just gotta say the piles of bad info on here are hilarious.

The push to sapphire is the same reason as in watches. It's even more scratch resistant. Most of my watches are synthetic sapphire, and all were made before Gorilla Glass.

No one cares that Gorilla Glass is a trademark. If you don't want to pay for the name, buy it from someone other than Corning. It was invented decades ago, so its out of patent and others can make it too. Asahi will sell you toughened glass like Gorilla Glass, and I'm sure there are many other companies that are even cheaper.

I'm sure the event was full of employees. But that isn't always the case. At WWDC Apple has a built-in audience of developers who will cheer too. This event is full of employees because the press don't always show. You don't want an empty house, so you will fill seats with any butts. Just like at the Oscars! Apple had a bunch of employees there to give demos afterwards (and the event was walking distance from the Apple campus), so likely when seats were empty they sent them in instead of waiting outside.

The reason there are empty seats is because the press is invited to attend free. Since it costs them nothing to accept, they accept and then you reserve them a seat. And then they decide if they are going to show up or not. And a lot of them don't, leaving empty seats.

And why are people coming into the Apple forum to complain about Apple coverage existing? Fanboism is annoying. What if I like roller derby? Can I complain that this site is covering wrestling and not roller derby? Sheesh guys, don't get so invested in the phone you own.

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As to how to fix microtransactions, I will say one thing. I find the stat tracking features of DOTA 2, etc. interesting. You pay for a special item, and it is better. But it's better in a way that only affects you. It doesn't make you better than others, it just helps you out by recording your exploits.

If only there were more upgrades of this sort that could be sold we wouldn't have to worry about pay to win so much.

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Yes, the game is brutal and cruel. For the first two weeks I played I was sure the game was impossible.

8 months and 1800 deaths later, I beat Olmec.

As to the spiders, unless it's dark (torch levels) I don't have problems with spiders that weren't visible before they fell. Sure, I might miss them because I was not paying attention, but they were actually on-screen.

Look up from time to time.

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Jeff actually lives pretty close to where it happened. Closer than SF or Oakland is to the epicenter.

And with all the crap he has piled around his place he's probably picking up a lot of mess right now.

No tweets from him since the quake.

Hope he's okay.

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No, I don't use twitter. Never have. Sorted.

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I did to practice the later levels. I'd say I spent the first 25% of my time from the start trying to open the shortcuts. Then I spent 25% of my time using the shortcuts thinking it was a way to get better at the later levels which I rarely reached. Since then I've never used them, including to beat Olmec today.

I discovered that trying to play the dungeons or Olmec starting from the shortcut was useless because you didn't have any items (compass, bombs, paste, etc.) to use and getting past the mummies, anubis and Olmec with no items was near impossible. And even if I did do it, it wasn't how you'd do it in a real run anyway.

I've been playing almost daily for about 2 months now. I played almost 2 months of dailies before and then quit because I was kind of afraid I'd wear out my Vita I was playing so much! After a while I just figured that if it died playing Spelunky that was just was what it was born to do.

Oddly, I didn't find getting that gold key to level 12 to be all that hard. It only took me a few tries. I figure I partially just got lucky, no idea how much trouble I'd have doing it again.

I should mention I haven't watched videos specifically to get me tips except for one on how to kill shopkeepers. I avoid the later Scoops ones where he goes to hell, or the worm or such. I got the worm to open once by chance and haven't figured out how to do it again. And please don't tell me how.

I did get the ankh special once by chance, but I messed it up, I went right back into the mouth after I came out and so didn't see anything new! I figured out how I did it, so I know I can do it again, but have avoided it. I'll look at trying the side missions soon.

@csl316 said:

Out of curiosity, did you use shortcuts? I remember spending most of my early Spelunky days with that gold key challenge. Once I had that, I had Olmec in a couple days.

I put the game down, then started dailies once the Vita version hit.

Don't. Fall. In. The daily hole.

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I have 1850 deaths. To be honest, I wasn't serious enough about the game at the start.

I should go to the shortcuts (which I opened long ago) and practice the 2nd dungeons some. That's where I'm getting wasted badly now. Trying to avoid the mummys and Anubis is a lot of work for me.

I played once more since winning, got to the dungeons 2nd time and then that green dude telefragged me. Just when I figured I had died every way possible.

I think I was at around 1200 deaths before my first time beating him. Then I was around maybe 1500 when I beat the other ending. Once I did that I was basically able to beat Olmec on one in five runs. I'm out of practice now though, so I have trouble through the jungle again, which is the hardest part. Still haven't done the speed run though.