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Hey, I'd like a code!

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The Internet® - It's for morons.™

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That was a brilliant monster closet. This game keeps getting better and better, totally made me look past its most wretched UI and other bizarre design quirks (I mean, what's up with that death screen?).

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Not a box art, but the James Pond franchise page's default image is a screenshot from Zool. The proper image is already (the only picture) in the James Pond franchise gallery.

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" Maybe now's the time to dust off Portal 2 and finally play that co-op mode." 
For sure. That's where they hid all the good puzzles.  
And laserdiscs. So you know it's better than the single player.

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@Electric_Zen said:

The Giant Bomb Achievement Tracking is a big part of how I enjoy my games. I really hope they can get this fixed soon.

I feel the same way. Giant Bomb grades are the main reason I still give a damn about achievements. Really fun meta-game.
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@mythrol said:
" @ajamafalous said:
" @Flipyap said:
" Good to hear it's a proper, quality podcast, not mostly some stupid ad again. That was the worst. CHOO CHOO! "
Yes. I too agree that Jeff and all of Whiskey Media should work for free. How dare they try and differ some of the expenses of running this site through ads!!!! "
What have those "Whiskey Media" people (if that's even their real name) ever done for Jeff? I mean, besides the whole lawsuit thing. Those bastards!
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Good to hear it's a proper, quality podcast, not mostly some stupid ad again. That was the worst. 

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This is idiotic. 
I've never seen a bigger pile of moronic stupid dumbness. 
I love it.    

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"Best Story 

Red Dead Redemption"

Surely, this is supposed to say Minerva's Den. Boy, they're going to be embarrassed when they notice this typo!
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