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Fantastic 4

Gemini Rue is every retro point-n-click lovers dream, but also has a great sci-fi story to be told.  The pixelated graphics in this game is very nice, but it will not be to everyones taste. For me, even though I am not very nostalgic, I was sucked right into the atmosphere which reminds me of old games like Beneath a steal sky, full throttle and so on.  The sci-fi setting serves as a perfect backdrop to this noir adventure game and avoids the pitfalls of many other point and click games that has...

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Alien Breed 2.0 0

So Alien Swarm takes alot of its inspiration from the old Amiga game Alien Breed. It is a topdown dualstick shooter, but as the game currently has problems recognizing gamepads, you use WASD for movement, and the mouse for directional aiming.  The game comes with 1 campaign which you can take yourself through cooperatively with 3 fellow friends for a 4 player coop romp. You gain experience and level up after each finished map and unlock new equipment and weapons. Before each map starts you get t...

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Great game 4

Trials HD is a 2.5D game, 3D but on a 2D plane. It is a motorbike game where you have to move over obstacles, drive up ramps and use your balance to reach the finish line. It is very similar to Across (action cross) and the later Elastomania and all those clones that have popped up over the years. But there is a few differences namely.  1. You dont jerk your bike violantly forward-backward, it is much smooter leaning with the left analogue stick which makes the game feel very different. 2. You c...

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Rough Launch, Awesome game 0

Demigod is a DOTA (defence of the ancients, warcraft III mod) clone, but it does it with such style that you cannot help but love it. If you never played DOTA it is basically an RTS where you control just 1 unit/hero. Each team is split into teams of 2-5 players and each teams base is surrounded by towers, each 30-60 seconds a wave of AI controlled units gets spawned in your base and runs straight to the opponents base, there is a clash in the middle where waves of  AI controlled units fight. Yo...

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What NWN should have been 1

With crisp graphics, enjoyable storyline and a deep pen and paper roleplaying system at it's core. This game is not to be missed. Although it will not feel as original as say Mass Effect or Fallout 3. It definately has alot of atmosphere, the music and detailed artwork is surprisingly good.Drakensang is based on a german pen and paper roleplaying system, using 3D20, instead of the Dungeons n Dragons (D20) system. Although it's not totally different, it is very much more close to european pen and...

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