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Today is the first TUUUUUUEESDAAAAAY of the rest of my life. They won't ever be the same.

Ryan Davis was someone I listened to (at least) every week for almost 5 years now. I'm not one to be affected by 'celebrity' deaths, but this honestly feels like losing a close friend.

RIP Ryan Davis. You touched thousands of lives, all of which were enriched by your unwavering optimism and charm. I wish my deepest condolences to his friends, family, and widow.

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Vinny and Jeff playing sports games, if that can count as a 'moment.' if not, the soccer game QL where Vinny jumped over the goalie and kicked the ball into the stands.

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they're not even really that big, I'd estimate about 6-8 feet long.

but man they are girthy as hell.

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the Zelda series is mediocre. I have no clue why Ocarina of Time is remembered as such a groundbreaking game when it came out a year after Mario 64 and a year before GTA III. the universe/lore sucks and I don't know why people of my generation have so much weepy affection for it.

Far Cry 2 is one of the best games of all time.

Fallout: New Vegas is the best Fallout game, and yes I've played them all.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is basically Springtime for Hitler.

self-satisfied indie games have become a far more annoying trope than modern-warfare FPS games.

everything about Bioshock fucking sucks.

Deadly Premonition is legitimately good and has one of the most memorable stories in all of gaming.

the Arkham games are tedious buttonmashers with the worst stealth mechanics ever designed.

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I recommend not reading any synopses and playing the games whenever you get the opportunity. the chronology of the series is already so fractured that the order in which you play them isn't terribly important...they all work pretty well as self-contained stories, although MGS 1, 2, and 4 should be played in sequence at least.

seriously though...Ground Zeroes isn't coming out anytime soon. playing through the Metal Gear series for the first time is a better use of your gaming time than anything else. I envy you.

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it's more than just realism. I vastly prefer the iron sights / ADS system because it makes me feel like a human being that is operating a machine, whereas standard crosshair-based gameplay has a cold automatism to it, like I'm playing as this cross in the center of the screen and my goal is to align with enemies and press the kill button.

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I'm using the lastest firefox with win7, I tried to resume the latest Question Jar video at about 1:30:00, but it only jumps forward about a minute or so. this is very problematic since I always close my browser to play games.

on the upside, the new video player does seem a little faster and more responsive, aside from the streaming issues.

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@rebgav said:

If Dave has it on disc, Harvester could be a good pick. Bad FMV, bad voicework, gay firemen - everything you'd want from a mid-90s PC game.


just learned about this game today and after watching some youtubes, my first reaction was to nominate it for RPCG. it's like Phantasmagoria x100.