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This is like getting an update on how a convict is progressing in his rehabilitation program. He'll never be pardoned, but it's nice to know his therapist is reaching him. Maybe one day he'll be suitable for a few visiting hours.

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I can't wait to hear all the retailer exclusive preorder bonuses!

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This seems like a completely sensible move by Disney. Why keep cutting paychecks to the hotshots who brought us Force Unleashed 2?

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I'm just getting prepared to get even angrier when the free game turns out to be trash.

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Perhaps this is the wrong place to express a pro-WoW opinion, but I think MoP is fantastic. Blizzard clearly learned their lessons from what fans didn't like in Cataclysm and rectified them. Pandaria is beautiful and packed with content. This last week I've barely been able to peel myself away. It's as addictive as ever.

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Dragon Age 3 is going to play like a knee-jerk reaction to the overblown criticism of DA2, that won't please the haters anyway.

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Salvador, because he seems to be the closest analog to Brick. This time instead of punching half of Pandora to death, I'll be pummeling them with rockets and shotgun shells.

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Pulling up my recliner to my PC and playing with a controller. My monitor does 2560x1440 resolution, so playing on a larger television would just make the game look worse.

K+M may give more precision, but do I need to be that precise when I have Salvador dual wielding rocket launchers? The comfort of reclining is worth it.

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The changes coming in the patch will definitely get me to dust the game off and play a bit more.

What would really be impressive is if they just nuked everyone's gold and start fresh again.

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Everyone is saying, "Oh gee, if I paid money for this game, I'd be darn angry about this here news!"

I paid $150 for a Collector's Edition and this news doesn't upset me. Last December I spent about 200 hours bringing my Trooper to the level cap and thoroughly enjoyed it. My gameplay/dollar ratio was more than justified. I own dozens of games on Steam that I've paid less than $5 for that have a worse gameplay/dollar ratio.

The problem I had with SWTOR was that it simply hit a brick wall once my class quest ended. There were some daily quests that were mildly amusing, but got old quickly. I couldn't run any group content due to the lack of virtually any LFG functionality. It was easy to cancel my subscription.

Going F2P just means that I can log back on my account and mess around without depositing $15 back in the machine. New players will get an incredible value, but that doesn't make me bitter.