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Classic vaporware

"Hey guys, we're just going to get fired once we finish the game... so let's not finish the game. They've invested too much money into this to stop now. I can think of a dozen different features that could keep us busy for years."

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Played the beta for about 20 minutes this weekend. I made an elf, killed the dream dragon, then got bored in the starting area. Standing around with 100+ other people, slaughtering fireflies the instant they spawn... /yawn. not quite the atmosphere I think they were going for.

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  • Indie Bundle 1 - $10
  • Crusader Kings II DLC Combo + Sword of Islam - $15
  • Anno 2070 Pack - $25
  • Indie Bundle 2 - $10
  • Shogun 2 Collection - $20
  • Tribes: Ascend Starter Pack - $5
  • Alan Wake Bundle - $10
  • Alice Madness Returns - $5
  • Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Nexuiz, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance bundle - $15 (through Amazon, all Steam keys)
  • Renegade Ops + DLC - $6
  • The Darkness 2 - $13
  • Fallout: New Vegas: Ultimate Edition - $10
  • Fallout 3: GOTY Edition - $5
  • Sanctum: Survival Kit - $7

I might hit my data cap buying all these games. Shogun 2 Collection by itself is 30gb.

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As an American, I've had my debit card frozen every time I purchase something from them. They also charge a hidden "International Transaction Fee", so expect the order to cost ~$2 more than what it says it costs.

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  • Chopped the leg off without even bothering looking for a way to free him otherwise. Haha, sucker.
  • Fed: Clem, Mark, Larry (figured I needed some brownie points with him), and myself. Duck can eat his boogers.
  • Went straight to the dairy farm.
  • I wanted to shoot Jolene but I couldn't figure out how, I didn't get a prompt? Oh well.
  • Successfully warned Clem to not eat Mark. I saw this cannibalism twist coming a mile away.
  • Tried to save Larry but Kenny squashed that problem. I've been siding against Kenny in both episodes, though I did save his family.
  • Spared both brothers. It's hard to call Kenny a murderer, then turn around and start murdering people myself.
  • Sided with Clem against looting the car. Look out for Clem and she'll look out for you. I have no doubt I made the right call there.

In a nutshell, The Walking Dead is easily Telltale's best work. I was skeptical that I could enjoy a zombie game in 2012, but I've been proven wrong. The game is extremely good.

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@PeezMachine: I don't think there's anything wrong with using an inside joke. It's a community guild, so something that is uniquely ours could be appropriate.

Abraham Lincoln jokes aren't uniquely ours. With Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter in wide theatrical release, it's just not funny anymore.

Any Giant Bomb specific meme could be fine. Off the top of my head:

  • Batman Batman Batman
  • Duders
  • I'm a Wizard
  • Why Are They So Bad At Chrono Trigger, I Beat This Game When I Was An Infant
  • Oh Great, Another Quick Look I Can't Watch Because Patrick Is In It
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I don't really care what it's ultimately named, but I think Lincoln Force is about as funny, clever, and relevant as a Chuck Norris joke.

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@JCTango: Yeah, I turned it off and mouse movement seems smoother. After patching and updating drivers, the game runs nicely on my PC. I'm glad I bought it on PC too because this game clearly benefits from mouse & keyboard precision.

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It's the worst PC port I've played in a long time. Worse than launch day Dead Island.

  1. The mouse doesn't work! Holy shit, how did they release this?!
  2. It screws with my monitor so that the game runs with a 1" black border around the picture. (edit: nevermind, this was a gpu scaling problem)
  3. The little I played of the first level ran like garbage on my modern PC.

edit: after downloading a patch and updating to the latest ATI beta driver, the game runs great.

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If you really have no choice but to use the phosphorus, I'm glad I kept the illusion of choice alive by going right for it. I roleplayed that entire game as a complete psychopath and loved it.