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@Beaudacious: You're misinterpreting how upset I am.  If they want to sit on this game until next year, I'm going to groan, roll my eyes, and shrug.  I'm going to buy the game regardless, and I want in the BWEs.  Nonetheless, I'll think they're a right bunch of pricks for selling the game, making a profit, but then sitting on it.  With respect to their customers, they should be working to get this out the door quickly.
and you can totally get refunds for Steam preorders.  I've done it several times.  They'll even refund you a few times for games you've purchased, played, and didn't like.
Unopened PC games are easy to return to virtually any brick&mortar store no problem.  Just the other month I bought a physical copy of ME3 from GameStop purely for their stupid, exclusive preorder bonus, redeemed the code, then returned the game.
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@Beaudacious: I would say the biggest difference would be this line attached to my order receipt:  "Online game codes are non-returnable, non-refundable, and can only be used to create or upgrade one game account."
GameStop might hold your $60 for Blops 2, but that money isn't going to Activision until the transaction is completed.  You can also change your mind and get your money back.
Some of you are speculating that this will be delayed until the holiday window.  If the game is delayed that long, then we've all essentially funded development of the game.  I would want my name mentioned in the credits and a "Backer" t-shirt.
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They've taken their $60-$80-$150 cut from how many people?  200,000?  500,000?
You simply don't start selling the full game unless you're close to shipping the full game.  Anything later than July would make ArenaNet a bunch of scumbags.

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Undoubtedly a Wizard.  My favorite spell in D2 was Hydra, and they brought it back for the Wizard.  I can't wait to use all the different runed permutations of it.

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I have the Vita version, and it's great, but you'd never find me online.  I learned my lesson when I tried to play the PS3 version online.

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This is obviously going to be terrible. "Prove your loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood and 'assassinate' 12 Defias Pickpockets and collect 20 Rock Warbler Eggs. (DAILY)"

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I'm still struggling with how the game is going to work without a strong holy trinity, or if it's even really gone.  When I think about how I would spend trait points as a Guardian, I want to put everything into Valor and Honor to maximize my Toughness and Vitality, effectively making myself the best tank I can be.  +300 to both those stats seems too large to be insignificant.

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I only played a Norn Guardian, so I voted Guardian :P

It was alright. They're dead simple to play (boring even?), and have decent survivability (I guess).

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@selfconfessedcynic said:

On that point though, I have to say that ranged is the way to go both in general at low levels and during larger dynamic events / WvW.

I saw this too. Some events were suicide for my Guardian. Several bosses had abilities that would 1-shot everyone within melee range, while being virtually harmless to anyone standing at range. Sometimes being the one melee character to attack a group of enemies, while everyone else stands back shooting, would just cause me to be focus fired to death.

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I can't say I loved my experience this weekend, but the game is undeniably of quality. The dynamic event system is nothing short of a revelation in this genre. It was significantly more fun to simply wade into the thick of an event, rather than collect quests at a quest hub.

It's great that players can help each other without needing to specifically group up. I rarely was doing something by myself.

I had trouble always finding level-appropriate content to do. Often I would hang back in areas I had already leveled past, repeating events over and over (*cough*grinding*cough*), until I'd level. They spread the personal story too thin.

It was fun to experiment with different weapon setups. As a guardian, I probably used a greatsword the most, but sword&shield and sword&torch were fun too.

The weakest aspect of the game is its storytelling. My Norn's personal story was really boring, and the greater event system doesn't tell much of a narrative. Especially after having played SWTOR to 50, it's like GW2 isn't even trying.

Overall, I'm walking away from the beta knowing I didn't waste $60. I'm definitely taking a character to 80 once the game goes live.