Tekken 7 wishlist (featuring tales of the old games!)

Tales of Tekkens past

Tekken 1, 2, 3 and Tag were awesome!

If this isn't the coolest good guy protagonist design in fighting games then I don't know what is.

Tekken 4... not so much

But then Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online on the PS3 brought me back!

Tekken 6... not so much

And then Tekken Tag 2 came out, nostalgic feelings of the first Tag abound! But it was, for me, the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of accessibility vs. complexity. Whereas in previous Tekken games I felt more than capable of playing at a competitive level (online or against friends at least), even with 4 and 6, games I didn't like, I now felt it had gone a step beyond me.

And the story, which was once a fresh set of characters in the once revolutionary 3D fighting game genre in a badass martial arts tournament, started to drift off, making the Mishimas side-characters next to Lars and Alisa in a world crisis story. Most disappointing was the change to Jin Kazama.

Back in Tekken 2 you had Kazuya and his struggles with getting his revenge over Heihachi, resisting the Devil inside him that saved his life in exchange for his soul and dealing with his new found feelings for Jun Kazama, plus his rivalry with Paul Phoenix. And everyone else just entered to be the best and to win Tekken! Sure they all had some issues of some kind, King (the original one) and his orphanage, Law and his dojo, Yoshimitsu being the modern day Robin Hood etc. But it never took centre stage once the tournament began and it certainly never took a turn for the cartoony. They left all their personal baggage at the door, it was time for Tekken and that always took priority. It was a collective roster of badass.

Then Tekken 3 had the brave decision, certainly not done by either SF or MK at the time, to jump its story forward 17 years. Older characters, some replaced altogether, but the basic idea was still there. Jin Kazama with his flame pants and revenge story against Ogre complete with a rivalry with Hwoarang because they beat the shit out of each other in a street fight, the first fight either of them had not outright won.

And now look at Tekken 6, Kazuya broods away in his G-Corporation office, Jin broods away in his Tekken Zaibatsu office (complete with full generic bad guy black leather clothes), the whole world is apparently in danger from the giant demonic turkey Azazel and Paul wants to fight aliens from outer space. The story mode has Lars Alexandersson, recently afflicted with amnesia and accompanied by his cyborg companion Alisa Bosconovitch take centre stage in a pseudo-anime storyline where they go on a journey, learn lessons, overcome obstacles and obvious swerves. No thanks.

Tekken 7 Wishlist

So, here's my wishlist for Tekken 7, the first Tekken to grace the PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Toning down the gameplay

Tekken 5's Moonlight Wlderness stage, a visually stunning infinite stage with one of the best fighting game tracks
  • Remove the bound system - Since the bound system came into place it's felt more and more like getting hit once means that you might as well sit back and watch your opponent do an almost Marvel vs. Capcom length combo, except you don't have 2 other characters waiting in the wings. This is even more prominent in closed, walled stages which have apparently become more popular.
  • More infinite stages - I'm not entirely against closed walled stages, like a MMA ring or something like that because it would also be contextually relevant, but I want the classic Tekken feel back where knocking an opponent full screen means you can forward forward forward into the running animation that would end with unblockable shoulder charge.
  • Make the more of each characters moves relevant - or shorten the huge movelists, because recently the moves that have special properties like bound (see above) become the only ones worth learning. If I'm playing as Kazuya, I want to get some use out of the classic 1, 1, 2 and 1, 2, 2 punch combos instead of fishing for a successful EWGF (Electric Wind God Fist - a powerful, fast hitting, standing uppercut that is the catalyst for previously mentioned really long combos).
  • A Super Meter - Super Street Fighter II Turbo style, Tekken already has suitable super combos in the form of unblockable attacks (Kazuya's Lightning Screw Uppercut or Devil Beam, Paul's Burning Fist etc.) and the 10-string combos and the multi-chain throws. Just a singular bar, no 4 or 3 bar spilt for EX moves or combo breakers, just 1 bar, 1 super combo. Maybe this is someone better suited to Tekken X Street Fighter (which Katsuhiro Harada says they're still working on as of last week and I predict will be fully unveiled at Harada's San Diego Comic-con fighting game panel next week!) but it might be something worth considering.

Improving the Story

Is Kazumi's power that's she's apparently passed on to Kazuya related to Kazuya's pact with the Devil and its own power?
  • Finish the Mishima Storyline - World-ending threats are of no interest to me compared to the Kazuya, Heihachi and Jin conflict. And if the Tekken 7 unveiling trailer is anything to go by, it looks like they're going to do just that. Even I got a shock to see Kazumi Mishima, the almost mythical figure in Heihachi and Kazuya's backstory. I hope they do this decades-old plot point justice before embarking on a new story for future Tekken releases. Don't let it drag on any longer.
  • Have a Tekken tournament, focus on the Tekken tournament and have the characters focused on it - I don't want any of these silly shenanigans during the tournament. Have an intro that shows what each character is up to prior to the tournament and then make winning the tournament their priority.
  • Make an attempt to emulate Mortal Kombat (2011) - NetherRealm Studios games are the gold standard of fighting game story mode right now, we all know this to be true. If Tekken 7 has an intricate story mode or at least an attempt at it we're moving in the right direction.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading, comment below and such! Follow me on the Twitter


EVO 2014 Preview, Streams & Schedule (July 11-13) Live from Las Vegas! Plus What is EVO? And Japanese USF4 tier list!

EVO 2014 Preview, Streams & Schedule (July 11-13) Live from Las Vegas!

Welcome to the EVO 2014 preview! EVO comes to you live from Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino (formerly known as LVH).

What a turnaround for Nintendo, who last year tried to shut down the EVO 2013 Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament and now they're official EVO 2014 sponsors! No doubt the amazing Super Smash Bros. for Wii U invitational tournament at E3 2014 helped to bring them around.

Three games will be making their debut this year, Ultra Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma and Killer Instinct. If you haven't seen them played competitively before, you're in for a treat!

Expect to see Ed Boon take the stage once again, no doubt unveiling something new for Mortal Kombat X. Will Nintendo also take the opportunity to address the Smash community? We'll have to wait and see. Atlus will be there with playable Persona 4 Arena Ultimax too!

Check here to see which famed international players will make it to EVO 2014, including South Korea's strong Cafeid King of Fighters XIII players.

Click here to view a game by game overview by A.V. Club - http://www.avclub.com/article/viewers-guide-evo-years-biggest-fighting-game-tour-206670 (via @starvinggamer)

Official Tournament games, live streams and schedule

Games (Alphabetical order)Entrants
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma508
Injustice: Gods Among Us311
Killer Instinct338
Super Smash Bros. Melee970
Tekken Tag Tournament 2257
The King of Fighters XIII319
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 31014
Ultra Street Fighter IV1979

We say goodbye (in an official capacity) to Mortal Kombat (2011), Persona 4 Arena, Street Fighter X Tekken (Ver. 2013) and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (Ver. 2012).

Stream links and schedule




http://www.twitch.tv/Jyosua (Joshua Moore has been given permission by Tom Cannon to stream BlazBlue pools)

All times in PST. What time is that where you live? Click here

Unofficial streams


A bunch of streamers advertised themselves as doing unofficial streams last year, some of them did, some of them didn't. I'll list them just in case:

What do I need to know about EVO?

What is EVO?

Like many of the long running fighting game tournament events, EVO had humble beginnings in the time of arcades, Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 2. It was 1st called Battle by the Bay, a 40-man Super Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2 tournament in 1996 consisting of California locals and has since gone on to move to Las Vegas and become the biggest and most attended global event in fighting games.

EVO is ran part-time by 3 gents who all have full-time jobs. The Cannon brothers, Tony and Tom, and Joey Cuellar.

EVO 2014 continues to break records, with the top 10 most entered countries outside of the USA looking like this:

  • Canada – 331
  • Japan - 127
  • Mexico - 114
  • Australia - 28
  • United Kingdom - 27
  • France - 23
  • Brazil - 21
  • Chile - 19
  • Germany - 15
  • Colombia - 13

How do tournaments work?

The championship contenders will want to stay on the winners side for as long as possible!

Double-elimination brackets - Even if you lose, you're not out of the tournament, you simply move to a different bracket, known as the losers bracket. If you lose in the losers bracket, only then are you eliminated from the tournament. The longer you stay in the winners bracket, the less opponents you have to face.

EVO has so many entrants that tournaments are split into 32-man brackets (all double-elimination) and one from the winners bracket and one from the losers bracket will advance to the next round of brackets until we get to the top 8 finals on Sunday, 4 from the winners side, 4 from the losers side.

You can find all the 1st round brackets here, see if you can find your favourite fighters.

What should I look out for on-screen

At the end of the day, no matter how complex fighting games seem, it still boils to each player having a health bar at the top of the screen. Once that health bar is depleted, the round is over. But what you may not know is that the other bar, often found at the bottom is almost as important.

Meter bars allow you to do stronger attacks, break out of combos and more! Keep an eye out for how much meter is filled for each player.

I have another question!

Ask it in the comments and either myself or one of the several Giant Bomb fighting game tournament fans will answer for you.

Daigo and friends assess Ultra Street Fighter IV's tier list

If you saw my CEO 2014 blog last month you'll have seen a week 1 attempt at making a tier list by France's Alioune. Now with much more time under their belt, Daigo Umehara, Tokido, Momochi, Bonchan, Itabashi Zangief and Kazunoko have put together what is considered an accurate list according to these great Japanese players.

Daigo: Yes. I began to look around for characters with high firepower and landed on Evil Ryu. At first, I didn't pay much attention to his strength and selected him. However, once I began to use Evil Ryu, I began to ask myself, "What have I been doing this entire time?"

4Gamer: I see. May we all assume that you will be using Evil Ryu for Evo 2014 and in the future?

Daigo: I suppose. At first I wanted to alternate between Evil Ryu and regular Ryu, but the more I played the more I realized that Evil Ryu is in all respects a superior version to Ryu. In the future, the only matchup where Ryu is more enjoyable to play is against Vega (Claw). From now on, I'll probably stick with Evil Ryu.

Check out the entire round table discussion over at 4gamer.

Tekken X Street Fighter still exists?

Apparently Tekken X Street Fighter is still in the works, despite hearing practically nothing about it outside of a few concepts shown years ago.

I think that about does it, this weekend should be a great watch! Thanks for reading, see you at the next fighting game blog, whenever that might be!


CEO 2014 Preview (June 27-29) + FighterMania & E3 fighting games round-up!

CEO 2014 (and FighterMania II) Preview!


Streams and schedule







Featured Games

Official EVO 2014 titles - Ultra Street Fighter IV, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros Melee, Killer Instinct Injustice Gods Among Us, Blazblue ChronoPhantasma, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and King Of Fighters XIII

Plus Project M, Soul Calibur V, Capcom vs. SNK 2, DiveKick: Addition Edition, Persona 4 Arena


FRIDAY- Doors open at 10AM for Casuals. Badge Pickup Starts Thursday from 7pm until 9 pm and then Friday morning at 9 am all day.

Any announced official Team Tournaments or Official Tournaments with 32 pre-regs or less will be begin at 2 pm EST as well as Side Tournaments Announced in advance

8 PM - FIGHTERMANIA II Exhibition Event

Doors Close at Midnight

SATURDAY- Doors Will open at 9 AM. Official Tournament Pools will begin at 10 Am Sharp and go throughout the day. Some Games will have their Finals Played out Saturday evening Starting at 5 pm EST

SUNDAY- Doors Open at 10 AM for any unfinished Pools/Semi-Finals Etc and Casuals Throughout the day

CEO 2014 Will conclude by 11 PM EST on Sunday Evening


Ultra Street Fighter 4 Pools Begin Saturday 10 am Semi Finals 8 pm Saturday Night, Top 16 Finals Sunday at 6PM

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Pools Begin Saturday 10 am, Semi Finals Sunday Morning at 11 AM, Top 8 Finals Sunday 4 Pm

Injustice Gods Among Us Pools Begin Saturday 10 AM Semi Finals 6 PM Saturday Top 8 Finals 10AM Sunday

Super Smash Bros Melee Pools Begin Saturday 10 AM Semi Finals Begin Sunday Morning 11am Top 8 Finals Sunday 2 PM

Project M Pools Begin Saturday 10 AM Semi Finals- 6 PM Top 8 Finals Sunday 12 Noon

Blazblue ChronoPhantasma Pools Begin Saturday 10 AM Top 8 Finals Saturday 7 PM

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Pools Begin 10 AM Saturday Top 4 Finals 5 PM

Soul Calibur V Pools Begin Friday 2 pm Top 4 Finals Friday 4 PM

King Of Fighters XIII Pools Begin Friday 2 PM Top 8 Finals 5 PM Friday

Capcom Vs Snk 2 Pools Begin Friday 2 PM Finals 5 PM Friday

DiveKick Pools Begin Saturday Top 8 5 pm Saturday

Killer Instinct Pools Begin Saturday Top 8 Saturday 9PM

Persona 4 Arena Official Side Tournaments, Pools Begin FRIDAY 2 pm Top 4 Finals 4 PM Friday


Welcome to the CEO 2014 Preview blog! If you're never seen CEO before, check out http://www.ceogaming.org/about

For the past few years, CEO has become so much more than the last stop before EVO, it's definitely as much of a show than it is a set of tournaments. Whether it's the boxing ring, the wrestling steel cage or the general crazy stuff that happens in and around it. In charge of CEO is Alex Jebailey, known in Divekick as Jefailey, who since the last CEO has gotten himself a job in the video game industry as the community manager of Dave Lang's own Iron Galaxy! Well done him!

For the 2nd CEO in a row FighterMania returns! This wrestling-style event takes place on Friday prior to the tournaments and has plenty of cool events going on.

UMVC3 6-Man Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match

16-Man Project M Free For All Last Man Standing

Edition Select Mode Thirty Man USF4 Royal Rumble

Rules and reg for these sure to be nuts matches - http://ceogaming.org/blog/archive/211-ceofm2014

Any tournament that uses Edition Select is OK with me. That's the one I'm looking forward to, Vanilla Sagats, AE Yuns but the concept of the Royal Rumble is the bit that's the best. I'm looking forward to some big winning streaks before the end.

As for the tournaments themselves, I'm looking forward to the Tekken TAG 2 finals on Saturday and then the big finals day on Sunday, it's going to be action packed to say the least. I do hope the top 8 finals have entrance themes again.


E3! It was a thing!

Mortal Kombaaaaaaaat

Mortal Kombat X looks amazing! I've seen quite a few E3 interviews with Ed Boon, but Giant Bomb's was just as good as anyone else's, check it out.

I added the current roster's variation styles to the MKX GB wiki page for anyone curious. I'll have more opinions and info for MKX as it becomes available.

This might just be the Smash version of the EVO 2k4 Daigo 3s Parry! (With a Capcom Character ironically) https://t.co/l2J6pEUW4h

— Alex Jebailey (@CEOJebailey) June 18, 2014

The following video from a tweet from who else but Alex Jebailey. It was from the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U invitational tournament, hosted by Nintendo, which was viewed by over 250,000 people and thousands of Nintendo fans in attendance. It had no right to be as fun as it was, only last year Nintendo attempted to block EVO for having its Melee tournament last year, then they announced Geoff Keighley as the host.

I assumed Geoff didn't have any competitive Smash Bros. knowledge but thankfully his host role didn't need any, he introed the players, worked the crowd and in general did a decent job while resident Smash Bros. community commentators Wynton 'Prog' Smith, D'Ron 'D1' Maingrette and Bobby 'Scar' Scarnewman provided a good insight into the crowd and the Twitch chat's excitement.

The entire show is here if you want to give it a watch. It was my favourite piece of content from the big 3 at E3.

What do you think of this early tier list for USF4 from France's own Alioune. I'm surprised to see Dhalsim bottom tier, hopefully he'll rise up a bit as players get more used to USF4. Yun being top tier again is pretty funny, though I doubt Ultra Yun is as strong as AE Yun, I really hope he isn't. We should find out in the coming month how accurate this chart is.

TJ Combo looks pretty cool and here's an interview by Max with Divekick creator and KI season 2 lead combat designer, Adam 'Keits' Heart.

Arc System Works were also at E3, check out these trailers for Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax -

That's it from me for a few week's, I'll be back for the EVO 2014 preview (July 11-13), see you then!


UFGTX Preview (May 23rd-25th, live from Chicago) & FGC news! The last ever UFGT! Street Fighter, Lethal League & more!

Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament X Preview


Welcome to the UFGTX preview blog! The final UFGT preview blog, because after this it's done, no more. The man behind UFGT and creator of Divekick Adam 'Keits' Heart is making 10 the final Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament. Sad times, but a lot of fun has been had and will be had this weekend!

Streams and schedule





Check http://ufgtus.wordpress.com/schedule/ for a game by game schedule listing (Friday & Saturday) and stream by stream listing for finals day on Sunday.

In addition to the departing Super Street Fighter IV, a near complete version of Ultra Street Fighter IV will be at UFGT, tournaments and all. Joining them will be the 7 other official EVO games (Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Killer Instinct, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, King of Fighters XIII & BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma) and many more!

Yeah that's right, Tekken is back! It was left out at first, but the finals at Final Round 17 back in March were so hype that the EVO gents added it to the list, making the UFGTX TTT2 that much more important.


All the UFGT favourites are returning such as the mystery game tournament which last year during the finals introduced a lot of people (myself included) to Lethal League, the browser baseball fighting game which as a result featured on Giant Bomb's own Unprofessional Fridays the following week.

Lethal League recently announced a buffed up version of the game for release on Steam, not unlike Divekick's story. The official blog at http://lethalleague.reptile-games.com/ states that it will feature

  • Highly competitive gameplay.
  • High performance online GGPO multi-player.
  • Up to 4 players.
  • Mad art.
  • Banging beats by various artists.
  • No weak shit.

One of my favourite aspects of UFGT since I started watching during UFGT8 Infinity are the amazing trophies that are always up for grabs, I was a particular fan on the Infinity Gauntlets, which incidentally would give me a lot of Marvel Comics back-story (they were so cool I had to know what the gauntlet was) just in time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to really kick off and start giving hints towards events in a future Avengers film, when that eventually gets made.

UFGTX's trophies look suitably amazing. Solar powered crazy light up glass cylinders. I approve!

Other previous happenings scheduled to return are the panels (featuring the always interesting Seth Killian, a rare appearance by FGC's main YouTuber Maximilian and my fellow Englishman and Sagat player, Ryan Hart) and the Pre-Game Show Friday night in which 12 contestants will compete in an amusing trivia challenge!

Make sure to tune in this weekend for all your favourite games and players, the final UFGT should be something special!


Johnny Gat joins Divekick!

Divekick: Addition Edition+ is the PS4 & XBox One version of the two button fighting game, which will also be a free update for PS3, Vita and Steam. One of the new characters has been confirmed as Johnny Gat of Saints Row. What this means for Divekick is that Pandora's Box is officially open. Expect all sorts of character announcement shenanigans between now and release!

Mike Ross gets a job at Twitch

Rather than a player sponsorship change our first story is a player job change. Mike Ross, who just before the news hit of IGN's IPL getting shut down got a job with IPL, has now got a job with Twitch just before the news broke of Google/YouTube buying or not buying Twitch hit the net last night. Coincidence? I think not. (Congratulations to Mike Ross, he's a great representative of the fighting game community, hope he does good things.)

Ed Boon teases MK 10 and confirms MK9's continuing online functionality after GameSpy shuts down

Before the past week or two I would've already recommended Ed Boon's Twitter account, he's a clever and witty man. Recently however he's been doing cryptic tweets pointing towards the announcement of MKX/10 just before E3 2014 (which is June 10th-12th for the record). Initially some thought that with the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us that it might have been MK vs. DC 2, but it's definitely started leaning in the direction of the 10th traditional MK.

An announcement that has been and gone was that of GameSpy closing at the end of this month and that somehow, unknown to everyone outside of NetherRealm and those within their circle of confidants (maybe Jeff, though I doubt he cares), MK9 will continue to function online.

Hyper Dragon Ball Z is the shit

Regardless of your preference between the Budokai games and the Budokai Tenkaichi games, both of them fall short of what a DBZ-style traditional fighting game should be. Hyper Dragon Ball Z on the other hand has no such problems. I hope it's completed one day, even if it won't see a traditional release.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist has a May 23rd release date

Whenever I get the chance to talk about SF of MK live action web series I will always take the opportunity! As I've mentioned in previous blogs, the concept short Mortal Kombat: Rebirth was awesome and lead to Mortal Kombat: Legacy, which has spawned 2 web series. And following the Street Fighter: Legacy short comes Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist. I've had nothing but good things to say about these faithful live-action releases which surpass any million dollar Hollywood film. Possibly with the exception of the first MK movie.

Assassin's fist will tell the tale of two time periods, the one in which Gouken and Gouki (Akuma) train under Goutetsu and the one in which Ryu and Ken train under Gouken. Back-stories will be explored, things only mentioned of in passing during the video games will be given spotlight and from what I've seen, we'll get some quality action scenes.

Thanks for reading!

I'll be back next month for the CEO 2014 blog in which USFIV will have officially been released to the masses. The build up to EVO 2014 will be getting serious!

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Final Round 17 (March 14-16) Preview + FGC News: Capcom ProTour, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax's story, Divekick: AE & more!

It's time once again for the 2nd longest running FGC tournament event in existence, Final Round 17! In addition to Final Round being a Capcom ProTour event (more on that before) Yoshinori Ono has tweeted Capcom's intention to announce something Ultra Street Fighter IV related at the event. With Ultra Street Fighter IV's Edition Selection announcement this is likely going to be the 5th character announcement. I hope it's not underwhelming. It's going to be underwhelming isn't it?

FR is where the Curleh Mustache Battle Royale debuted, one of the most exciting 5 v5 UMvC3 tournaments ever. CMBR2 actually took place at the end of 2013 at North East Championships, so whether the Curleh branding is attached to FR's 5v5 again this year I'm not sure.

Tekken fans! Are you sad that Tekken Tag 2 has not been picked up for EVO 2014? Well stay tuned this weekend because Final Round is the home of Tekken and will feature the best matches you're likely to see this year! Tekken will also feature a 5v5 tournament.


Stream Links - http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky, http://www.twitch.tv/funkyp, http://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork

Friday, March 14, 2014 - Start Time: 2:00 PM

Curleh Mustache Battle Royal (360)

Tekken Tag 5v5 (PS3)

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Singles (PS3)

Street Fighter x Tekken Singles (360)

Mortal Kombat 9 Singles (360)

King of Fighters XIII Singles (PS3)

Soul Calibur V Singles (PS3)

Saturday, March 15, 2014 - Start Time: 10:00 AM

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v. 2012 Singles (360)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Singles (PS3)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Singles (360)

Injustice: Gods Among Us Singles (360)

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Singles (PS3)

Killer Instinct Singles (XB1)

Sunday, March 16, 2014 - Start Time: 11:00 AM

Top 8/16 Streaming Schedule


11:00-01:00 - BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Top 8

01:00-04:00 - Killer Instinct Top 16

Team Sp00ky:

11:00-01:00 - Injustice: Gods Among Us Top 8

01:00-04:00 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Top 8

04:00-06:00 - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Top 8

07:00-12:00 - Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v. 2012 Top 16


Capcom announces the Capcom ProTour

Leading up to the Capcom Cup in December, Capcom will partner with Twitch, tournament events and conventions alike to form the Capcom ProTour. The ProTour will assign seeding points to specific Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 and eventually Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament results.

Placing PointsEVO TierPremier (Tier 1)Ranking (Tier 2)

Premier refers to the tournament events that form the upper tier of FGC events such as EVO, Ranking events refers to conventions such as E3. More events and Online tournaments are said to be named in the future.

Current Premier Tier events (The winners of these events gain automatic qualification for the Capcom Cup and give out Premier ranking points with the exception of EVO) -

Current Ranking Tier events -

Capcom is once again working hard for the community with a limited budget to give a good show, complete with sending out their own streaming team including Lord Haunts. I personally hope the November North-West England convention event PlayExpo is included again because I had a lot of fun and definitely intend on going again whether the fighting game tournaments are there or not.

Iron Galaxy announces Divekick: Addition Edition

Get it? Divekick: AE?

This year Final Round takes place Mid-March whereas PAX East has slipped to April, so there's no amazing Divekick convention coverage to show you this year. But what we have in its place is a new version of Divekick, balanced, retooled and free for current owners. PS4 and XBox One owners will not have to buy two versions of Divekick because Divekick: AE is the only version of the game releasing for those consoles.

The biggest change character-wise is The Baz, who's dead.

The Baz

The Baz has essentially been removed from the game and replaced by New Baz. Think of him as a brand new character. Below, you’ll read about how The Baz transformed into New Baz.

Mighty Swing and Bazkousen have been swapped. Mighty Swing is now his normal kick button action and builds meter. Bazkousen is now his air special and costs meter.

The Baz can only use two mighty swings per jump.

Bazkousen now starts at a 40 degree angle, rotates 15% faster, and maxes out at a 105% degree angle

Baz’s Kickfactor is no longer invincible.

Kickfactor lasts the full 8-second duration and has speed bonus of 30%.

The Baz jumps higher. He also jumps farther and higher when using kickback.

Hit this link to watch the full show in which Dave Lang and Keits debuted the game. Keep an eyes out for more Divekick characters and stages to be announced for Divekick: AE!

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax gains momentum with its story reveal

A few days after the events of Persona 4 Arena a Red Fog descends upon Inaba. Mitsuru, Akihiko and Aigis have been captured and displayed on the midnight channel, which announces a new tournament. Each of the Investigation Team have imposter Shadow versions of themselves to deal with while Charlie Tunoku/Yu Narukami/Souji Seta has an enemy of his own to defeat. Plus the return of Persona 4 antagonist, Adachi!

This new enemy, Sho Minazuki, has several resemblances to Persona 4 minor characters like Old Man Daidara, the anti-shadow weapons Aigis and Labrys and Yu himself. There's also two versions of him playable, a bratty non-persona version and a cold, calculating persona version. Whether these are two different beings or a storyline change remains to be seen.

P4AU is billed as the final chapter to the Persona 4 and 3 stories, does this mean there won't be anymore Persona fighting games? Will these characters never be seen in Persona 5? I don't think either of those is likely, but they certainly won't be the main cast anymore.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Edition Selection looks amazing

If this isn't taken on as a tournament or at least used for exhibitions at events I'll be really disappointed, there's so much potential for seeing all these different versions of characters squaring off against each other. Show me how powerful Vanilla Sagat and AE Yun truly are.

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma looks beautiful

I never really paid much attention to fighting game visuals until KOF XIII took EVO 2012 by storm. Now I love watching it in HD in addition to the great matches and commentators, be it the EVO commentators or some hype gent speaking Spanish.

Now that BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma is at EVO 2014 this year I thought to at least keep up with it and see what its going to be like. You should too!

Thanks for reading

Hope to see you all tuning in to Final Round 17 this weekend!


Making points and clicking things #2 - RIP Screened.com, New Devil May Cry? Nintendo Direct trolling & Game of Thrones!

<<< Making points and clicking things #1

This blog recommends the immediate and continuous listening of -

The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy

This was used as the Phoenix Wright (get it?)-heavy show VGCW: Endgame 6 which I previewed last time, it was awesome by the way.


It's that time once again where I steal Patrick's Worth Reading idea, voice some opinions and point you in the direction of cool stuff!

Making Points

RIP Screened.com

Remember this image from the last blog? Well I'm afraid the husk could function no longer because BermanBraun, the company who bought Whiskey Media, its Top Men, Tested, Screened and Anime Vice, have announced the imminent closure of screened.com.

In my opinion Screened would have the hardest time out of all the Whiskey Media websites trying to succeed when it and Tested launched in 2010. Even with Alex and Rorie, the movie industry is a different beast from video games, anime, comics and tech/coffee/Will Smith memes.

By far, Screened was the site that had the least access to the medium, or rather the industry itself, that it was covering and therefore the most issues with making content and gaining views and users. I always thought that Screened's most prominent and funny content was its presence in the Big Live LIVE Show: Live! and the Whiskey Media Happy Hour.

Joey Fameli's excellent mash-up videos not withstanding.

I do recommend looking up Rorie's Remake Rematch videos also!

Good Tweets

RT: After failing to win an #Oscar, Leonardo Di Caprio has gone on an all night coke binge and ended up in Ukraine. pic.twitter.com/W3qW0ZCeRx

— Katie Gibbons (@katie_gibbons1) March 3, 2014

Before playing #MGSV: Ground Zeroes, here's what you need to know about Metal Gear Solid: http://t.co/HkuNJHMO47 pic.twitter.com/lchanSn0Wx

— GameSpot (@gamespot) March 5, 2014

There are two types of Smash Bros players pic.twitter.com/vgptX3zqGu

— CVG (@CVG_News) March 4, 2014

Can't wait for the future, with streaming only, no physical copies of anything! I foresee smooth sailing! pic.twitter.com/ts0W8GgnFs

— James Moran (@jamesmoran) March 2, 2014

It’s what we’re all thinking, @Joystiq. pic.twitter.com/umJjtPRlWX

— Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK) February 26, 2014

Chinese Oldboy bootleg keeps it real (via @DaveFawbert, @kevin_church) pic.twitter.com/5b1V87zgko

— Benjamin Lee (@benfraserlee) February 26, 2014

"Hot Coldman". Are you taking the piss, Kojima? You're taking the piss, aren't ye? Don't take the piss, mate. pic.twitter.com/dFoS4w67VM

— K (@TheSacredTurf) February 23, 2014

Justin White vs Justin Wong hmm..but do two whites make a Wong?

— Ari Weintraub (@Floejisan) February 23, 2014

.@SirPatStew Seriously, Patrick, how the hell did we ever get through this? http://t.co/P1TYDjPVX0 #IveSeenEverything #KnightofTheRealm

— Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) February 15, 2014

.@rickygervais As I recall Ricky, we only got through it because Stephen finally had to banish you from the set...

— Patrick Stewart (@SirPatStew) February 15, 2014

Clicking Things

I pretty much agree with everything said in this video.

  • Classic Devil May Cry please.
  • DmC Devil May Cry, no thanks. Didn't enjoy the new versions of Dante, Vergil and Mundus at all.
  • DmC wasn't bad, in fact it was a pretty good action game.
  • Ninja Theory would be better served working on a new action IP.
  • My personal DMC preference is DMC3, DMC1, DMC4, DmC, DMC2.
  • I have an awesome story in my head involving Mundus, Nero, Dante, Trish and Vergil that would make for an amazing DMC5 story.

Watching this video once in a while is keeping my GoT withdrawal symptoms in check until Season 4 starts next month (season 4 next month?! Hurray!). It's hilarious and takes clips mainly from Season 1 and a few from Season 2.

The impression is spot on and makes plenty of amusing points about games like Wonderful 101.

This is why we don't need battle threads in forums, DEATH BATTLE is a good series that features high level production and animation.


EVO 2014 Line Up Revealed! UPDATE March 12th - Super Smash Bros. Melee is in!

Welcome to the first FGC blog from me for 2014! It's good to be back in the EVO season, we've got a lot of quality tournaments ahead before EVO 2014 in July 11-13. Shoryuken.com has created a Tournament calendar so you can stay in touch with events and dates for 2014.

EVO 2014's Line Up

EVO 2014's line up was announced by one of the EVO top dogs, Joey 'MrWizard' Cuellar, iPLAYWINNER's live-stream The Fray :

UPDATE March 12th:

Super Smash Bros. Melee Joins the Evo 2014 Roster! http://t.co/uxNCqPGy8J

— Evo (@evo2k) March 12, 2014

Games not returning from 2013 - Super Smash Bros. Melee, Street Fighter X Tekken (ver. 2013), Persona 4 Arena, Tekken TAG Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat.

Justin Wong's run through the Top 8 to the Grand Final was nothing short of magical, looking forward to seeing if UMVC3 can match last year's hype. Ultra Street Fighter IV should be a good tournament with a month between release and EVO 2014, EVO 2011 with the debut of SSFIV: Arcade Edition was one of the best SF tournaments at EVO.

Injustice's release balance patch should make for an even better tournament than last year's debut, certainly more characters on stream. The King of Fighters XIII is the true international fighting game of EVO, it has delivered both years in 2012 and 2013 and I couldn't be happier to see it back.

Killer Instinct's debut at EVO is a big statement by EVO that they'll be supporting Xbox One games, KI has done a good job at keeping people interested in the game with its good online connection and free to play model. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma is the big shock to the line-up this year, good to see anime representation, a patch is also in the works for this title which will see it balanced on the same level as the arcade version.

Where's Melee?

Talks are ongoing between EVO and Nintendo to see if Melee will return at EVO 2014. If you recall there was a last minute cease and desist by Nintendo last year which was overturned at the last minute. The channels have been opened and hopefully it will return.

Road to EVO?

The Road to EVO series is different this year with some changes, there are no official Road to EVO tournaments, but results from all tournaments will be considered. This is planned to be more player friendly.


XMania is the "Super Turbo EVO" in Japan, it'll be 3 on 3 just as it is in Japan. EVO and XMANIA are joining forces in what should be something really good with Japanese SSFIIT players who don't normally travel making the trip hopefully.


Killer Instinct News; Online is busted? Amazon buys developer Double Helix

A recent update went online for Xbox One's Killer Instinct, featuring the debut of Spinal. More interesting is the attempt at stopping rage quitting by locking players who rage quit into an online jail of sorts which forces them to play against other rage quitters. But as reported below, it hasn't quite gone to plan.

To put it simply, you can apparently find more matches with people who don't rage quit inside the jail than people who aren't in the jail. Double Helix is working on a fix at the moment.

Breaking news! Amazon buys Double Helix

As of yesterday, Amazon has bought Killer Instinct developer Double Helix. This is interesting because Microsoft, not Double Helix, owns the Killer Instinct franchise. Microsoft merely contracted DH to work on the game, including hiring fighting game specialists. What this means for both the company and the game going forward is unknown.

Worst case scenario, Microsoft hires a new developer to work on KI while Amazon has DH doing something else entirely, leaving a lot of fighting game devs in an awkward situation. Will they simply leave? Will they adapt and stay? Are the rumours about an Amazon console true?

@Nicodemus9 Our internal KI team is still here and franchise is in good hands. We had a plan in place for this transition.

— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) February 6, 2014

Iron Galaxy hires Alex Jebailey as its Community Manager

Alex Jebailey, the prominent community member responsible for the annual CEO tournaments as well as the guy Divekick character Jefailey is based on, has now joined Iron Galaxy. While Dave Lang and the main Iron Galaxy crew work out of Chicago, Jebailey joins the smaller team in his native Orlando.

Iron Galaxy has been steadily growing over the last few years, and we decided it’s finally time for us to hire someone who’s sole responsibility is to talk with the people who play our games, and build a relationship with them directly. In the past we’ve had people do this job whenever they could squeeze it into their calendar, but frankly that wasn’t good enough. When we started to think about who we wanted to work with for Community Management, Jebailey’s name kept coming up over and over. We’ve known him a long time, he worked with us on Divekick, and he’s respected by a group we hold near and dear to our hearts: fighting game fans.

Dave Lang

It is with great pleasure that I was recently offered a position I have always loved to do within the gaming industry. Since I’m always well connected with the Fighting Game Community and gamers in general through CEO, when an opportunity came from Iron Galaxy, a company I’ve been lucky to have interacted with on multiple occasions in 2013 through Divekick, it was something I jumped at the chance to do. The Gaming Industry has been something I’ve wanted to be a part of for over 20 years now so my passion for gaming will show through to hopefully entertain and both benefit Iron Galaxy and the great communities that enjoy their works. Looking forward to working with an amazing group of people and keeping the best interests of their fans connected wherever possible.

Alex Jebailey

Jebailey's place in Iron Galaxy means that Divekick will be featured prominently at both UFGT and CEO later this year.

The King is dead, long live The King

Awesome matches between Sanford Kelly and members of Evil Geniuses at major tournaments NorthEast Championships and APEX 2014 in January lead to Sanford dropping Sagat and winning a major tournament with Oni.

In the first matches we see a grudge match between Sanford (Oni) and Aquasilk (Zangief), before Sanford (Sagat) challenges Evil Genius members PR Balrog (Boxer) and Justin Wong (Rufus). All matches took place at NEC '14.

Jump forward a month and Sanford is in the SSFIV final of APEX 2014 against another Evil Genius Rufus player, Ricky Ortiz. The difference in playstyle is huge and makes Oni seem a lot better. Sanford will be a strong competitor going forward with Oni!

Oni's changes in Ultra Street Fighter IV along with the rest of the characters can be found in @jjor64's thread here.

Sponsorship changes

Team AGE, known primarily for top Marvel player Chris G, the ever controversial Fanatiq and the top King of Fighters XIII player Romance has been disbanded by PDP. Rumours of financial issues and an apparent lack of return on efforts to expand within the Fighting Game Community have been suspected as the main reasons for PDP's decision.

A brief Twitter feud between Chris G and PDP community manager by day, alternate model, cosplayer and photographer by night, Candace Miller started after the announcement. It began when Chris G only found out about the disbanding via shoryuken.com and Twitter, to which Miller replied to stating that phone calls and emails about the upcoming announcement were either ignored, not seen or simply not replied to by Chris.

Currently no announcements have been made regarding any AGE players picking up new sponsorships, though Chris G is about to permanently move out of New York and take up residence on the West Coast in Socal (like Justin Wong before him).

In other news, Complexity have announced the departure of 2012 EVO Marvel champion Ryan FChamp Ramirez and the reigning EVO Street Fighter IV champion Xian has left Team Mad Catz and joined Team Razer. FChamp has sent that he has no worries about sponsorship going forward.

Sega Cup returns

Sega and Level|Up Series will be hosting their 2nd major tournament for the widely ignored Virtua Fighter V: Final Showdown. Sega Cup 2013 saw $16,000 won by the Top 16 players at Super Arcade in Socal and Sega Cup 2014 will take place at Super Arcade again April 26, 2014. Keep an eye on http://sega.com/segacup for details.

An informed and neutral Fighting Game Community article if ever I saw one


Thanks for reading! Add your comments below!


Making points and clicking things #1 - GB's future & Whiskey Media, VGCW Preview, Luigi's Ballad

This blog recommends the immediate and continuous listening of -

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - A Stranger I Remain - Extension


Welcome to Making points and clicking things #1, a blog series which makes points regarding video games & Giant Bomb at large and provides things to click regarding -

  • Gaming
  • Films
  • Comics/Graphic Novels
  • Books
  • Anime/Manga
  • The Internet/Youtube
  • TVeeee
  • VGCW and inferior wrestling products like WWE

Basically I've pinched Patrick's Worth Reading idea because it's a great way to give things you want to be seen a push in the right direction.

PS. A new Fighting Game Community blog will go up on Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning once the EVO 2014 line-up is announced, it'll have tons of info and videos on what's been happening in the past 6 weeks of fighting games and tournaments, as have the blogs that came before it.

Making points

Games I'm playing

I am about 1 hour into both Batman: Arkham Origins and The Banner Saga and have nothing clever to say of either at the moment.

Graphic Novels I've finished reading

  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book 1 (Vertigo Comics) - 4/5 - Does as good of a job as it can fitting half of the book into 40 or so pages, art is good, dialogue strayed from the books a bit.
  2. Mass Effect: Redemption (Dark Horse Comics) - 2/5 - Tells the story of what happened to Commander Shepard's body between the 2 years of the Mass Effect 2 intro and the rest of the game through Liara and Feron. Characterisation of Liara and people in general in the Mass Effect universe is off, thought the art was a bit cartoony.

The future of Giant Bomb and the death of Whiskey Media

After a tumblr post by Jeff, this thread appeared in the forums which started off 3 pages of discussions/comments/bickering about Giant Bomb hiring new staff. I didn't have much doubts about Giant Bomb making money and having a future going future to begin with, but as I've been nosey about Giant Bomb's yearly budget and such since its inception I'm glad to see that the ball has begun rolling once again.

Especially since the last time this happened Whiskey Media was officially killed off AKA sold to BermanBraun who have no intention of doing anything with the name/brand and that made me sad. I originally bought into the idea of Giant Bomb leading on from Jeff's firing at GS and the Top Men jokes, but I quickly became pro-Whiskey Media, joining all 5 sites, getting to know their staffers and working hard on the Giant Bomb and Whiskey Media Wikipedia pages.

My favourite Giant Bomb content is and forever will be the 1st Big Live LIVE Show: Live! and the block party that followed. Though #TeamBrad is a close second.

Hello, I am a visual representation of screened.com and animevice.com.

So we've established that as far as I'm concerned Whiskey Media was a golden age. It's just a shame that in the premium membership, no ads money making scheme that WM went with, Comic Vine, Screened and Anime Vice didn't pull their weight in bringing in new premium members. This left Giant Bomb, supported by Tested, to hold the company on their shoulders.

Luckily both sites are still going today and even CV, AV and Screened still exist, though CV still doesn't have real on-screen presence since Sara Lima left along with her weekly news videos to do a business degree in France. AV and Screened meanwhile, well, I like to compare them to husks from Mass Effect.

Now that CBSi has finally gotten on-board with giving the right people the right opportunities (not unlike the situation that's going on in the world of WWE at the moment, more on that below), it's time for Giant Bomb to grow and expand in the ways I hoped it would do originally as a Whiskey Media Property.

FLStyle's list of people who should be hired to work on Giant Bomb

Jess McDonell of GameSpot Australia - An example of female gaming press given a shot and doing a great job
  • Video producers! If the GOTY(/all) content is going to surpass the high standard set by 2012, we've going to need more staffers so that Vinny and Drew don't have to sleep in the CBSi building just to get the videos out of the door on time. In general GB would be able to pump more content out as well.
  • People capable of covering gaming culture and interests - What does gaming culture and interests mean you ask? The Speed Run Community, the Fighting Game Community, eSports at large, shows like VGCW. There's whole new worlds out there in gaming like youtubers who the gaming "press" have completely missed and haven't reacted to. I can only imagine the money gaming sites would make if they had half as many eyes on them as some youtubers have. Maybe the answer lies in head-hunting a member of one of these communities.
  • Female gaming press - Sooner rather than later I want gaming to be accepted on the same level as music and film. The gaming industry makes more money than both combined, but the acceptance isn't there. One big step to move gaming in the right direction is to eliminate the gender equality problem. Who knows, if that can happen, maybe the race and sexual orientation problems can be solved too, and then gaming won't be behind the curve, it'll be ahead of it.

Good Tweets

Clicking Things

VGCW End Game 6 Preview

Video Game Championship Wrestling is nearly the end of Season 6 with its PPV, End Game 6 on Tuesday February 4th at 3PM PST/6PMEST/11PMGMT and so on, the matches we know about are as follows -


  • Duke Nukem vs. Ganondorf
  • Team Snake vs. Team Phoenix
  • Ezio Auditore da Firenze vs. Dracula
  • Segata Sanshiro (C) vs Goemon - for the Casual Championship
  • GameCenter FU (C) Angry Video Game Nerd & Chief Arino vs. The Saiyans (Vegeta and Nappa) - for the Co-Op Tag Team Championship
  • Gabe Newell vs. Angry Video Game Nerd - for the VGCW Championship


Click on for why who is facing who

Duke Nuken vs. Ganondorf has been the primary feud leading up to EG6, with Duke suffering one loss in "devastating" fashion (Bazza accidentally set the match to quick) to Ganondorf, the two have been squabbling for weeks

Team Snake vs. Team Phoenix is a leftover story from Season 4, with Phoenix seeking revenge against Snake for leaving him stuck 6 months in the past (by way of a time travelling Chaos Emerald), it hasn't gotten much air time because people have gotten a little tired of them featuring in the plot so much. Team Snake is comprised of Snake and 2 unknown partners and Team Phoenix is comprised of three different versions of Phoenix.

A glitch in an otherwise inconsequential First Blood match between Ezio and Dracula lead to Ezio reversing a move of Dracula's that caused Ezio to bleed, resulting in WWE 2K14 awarding the victory to Ezio instead. And you thought regular wrestling was dumb.

Segata has enjoyed a long reign as Casual Champion, but the John Cena-like Goemon (some like him, some hate him) has risen quite quickly since his debut.

After causing a shock in the VGCW title number 1 contender's match last week, Angry Video Game Nerd must wrestle in two matches, one as a champion, one as the challenger.

Starbomb - Luigi's Ballad (Animated by Egoraptor)

Egoraptor's animations amuse me greatly (Metal Gear Awesome and such) and he since his VGCW career has come to an end (;_;7) he's evidently turned to making a comedy supergroup called Starbomb with an album of the same name. Think The Lonely Island with a focus on video games, his has lent his animation skills to track 3, Luigi's Ballad.

I'd love this to turn into a series since things like Metal Gear Awesome seem to have ended at episode 2 when Egoraptor's sense of humour was a lot different at the time (his words). The triangle between asshole Mario, sensitive Luigi and indecisive Peach has a lot of potential for laughs and fun times.

WWE: Royal Rumble 2014 summed up in 2:51

Ironically the default image for this video is a diva (the best one), none of which featured in the 2014 Royal Rumble PPV. Fans were happy, then they raged and 20 hours later CM Punk quit the company. The WWE is either delaying the pay-off on this story for a long time or they just refuse to give the fans what they want and shove part timers down our throats. Sad times.

I salute you Matt Smith, no-one ever thought you'd live up to being The Doctor in Doctor Who after one of the best Doctors there has been (David Tennant), but you were great!

I have now linked you to episode 1 of Dragonball Z Abridged, I expect you to watch it all now.

Hurray! That does it for Making points and clicking things #1 Follow me on the Twitter


Why you should not let Broken Sword 5 pass you by and how it restores faith in Kickstarter

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 released on December 18th, 2013

2014 begins, and I have yet to pledge a penny to any Kickstarter project, successfully funded or not. There's a certain... uncertainty to whether the funds will eventually lead to an actual release of a crowd-funded game. But there's a large list of Kickstarter projects I have tweeted about to help get the word out about.

A handful of those, Broken Age (formerly Double Fine Adventure), Divekick, Pillars of Eternity (formerly Project Eternity) and Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse, had they been minutes away from failing, and my money could've been the difference between success or failure, I honestly can't tell you if I'd have bitten the bullet or not. As the four projects went:

  • Broken Age is the big success story of Kickstarter video games, its $3 million raised after an initial $400,000 asking amount. But development hit a snag when Tim Schafer openly admitted that he'd designed too big of a game and ran into problems regarding the game's size, budget and release date. It has yet to be released but there's nothing to suggest that it won't be eventually.
  • Divekick's total was reached but the campaign was cancelled and no money was taken (but the varying pledge rewards were still honoured, much to the dev's credit) when Dave Lang and Iron Galaxy stepped in, becoming developer and publisher. The game as a result was a much superior product and released on several platforms (and indeed is planned for even more platforms) than the planned $30,000 Kickstarter funded PC release.
  • Pillars of Eternity asked for $1.1 Million and received almost $4 Million, development is ongoing and to my knowledge there are no problems to report at this time that suggest it won't be released around the planned time and will be as good as it looks.
"Once again, Paris had shown me her dark side."

Broken Sword: The Serpent's Curse - Episode 1 is the first game I've been invested in that has successfully released purely on its Kickstarter Campaign funds and development. Admittedly it has not released as a full game, but as 1 of 2 episodes (episode 2 is penned for Q1 2014 as free DLC). It cost me £15 (/$24), lasted 9 hours and I couldn't be pleased more with how it turned out.

Using 3D models on a 2D plane in the style of Broken Sword 1 and 2 has worked wonders for The Serpent's Curse. George Stobbart and Nico Collard have been brought forward a decade, meaning mobile phones and the internet, but for them the world and time-line is unchanged. The classic point and click detective work is as it should be, while maintaining an ease of use that players take for granted in this day and age.

The mystery surrounding a stolen painting, the new and old characters it uses and the questions that are asked and answered by the end of episode 1 are fitting of a studio without chains placed upon them by an action-hungry publisher. I will say that if you're not a fan of cliffhangers and expect to see this story through to the end in a few sessions within a week, you may want to consider waiting until episode 2's released and play it all as one product.

Personally, I have a back catalogue of 2013 games such as Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Grand Theft Auto V that I need to play, so I have no issues with waiting for episode 2 of Broken Sword 5.


Broken Sword: The Serpant's Curse on Steam

FLStyle on Twitter


Capcom Cup 2013 (Dec 14) Preview & Curleh Mustache, USFIV dated & FGC News!

Welcome to the final FGC tournament & News blog from me for 2013! Featured news items include Ultra Street Fighter IV and Killer Instinct!

Tournaments Featured in this blog

TournamentDateLocationMain stream
North East Championships XIVDecember 6-8Philadelphia, PATeam Spooky
Curleh Mustache Battle Royale 2December 6, 7 or 8Philadelphia, PATeam Spooky
Capcom Cup 2013December 14Burlingame, CACapcom Fighters
Hadocon VDecember 15San Mateo, CAiPLAYWINNER

Capcom Cup - December 14th

Following on from Capcom's successful 25th anniversary tournament season last year Capcom are now ending this year with the first ever Capcom Cup. The most notable difference between it and EVO is the qualifier events, which serve as entries into the tournament instead of seeding events for an open entry tournament like EVO. The top 8 finalists for AE ver. 2012, UMvC3 and SFxT are as follows:

Street Fighter (1st place wins $6000, 2nd - $3000, 3rd - $1000)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (1st place wins $3000, 2nd - $1500, 3rd - $500)

Street Fighter X Tekken (1st place wins $3000, 2nd - $1500, 3rd - $500)

North East Championships XIV featuring the Curleh Mustache Battle Royale 2 - December 6-8

NEC XIV is your last regularly scheduled weekend spanning tournament event of 2013, here's the game and stream details, check it out this weekend! -

• Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

• Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

• Street Fighter X Tekken

• Killer Instinct

• Injustice: Gods Among Us

• Mortal Kombat 9

• Soul Calibur 5

• Tekken Tag Tournament 2

• Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

• King of Fighters 13

• Persona 4 Arena

• Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R

Primary Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/teamsp00ky

Secondary Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/bifuteki

Injustice / Mortal Kombat Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/kombatnetwork

Anime Fighters Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/st1ckbug

Extra Stream - http://www.twitch.tv/kpbfgc

Curleh Mustache Battle Royale 2

Personally I only enjoy team tournaments when they're either Canada Cup or Curleh Mustache Battle Royales, so I'm expecting good things from this.


Ultra Street Fighter IV location testing under way, releases in Summer 2014

USFIV releases in June 2014 digitally and physically on PC and consoles in August 2014. The game is making the rounds across the globe, giving players the chance to test out mechanics and characters. It's been such a long time since I saw Chun-Li as a half decent character in SFIV.

Check out Street Fighter X Tekken crossover characters Rolento and Hugo.

Fighting Games hit the next-gen consoles

The PS4 and Xbox One launched last month, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 4 has a Metacritic rating of 82/100 from 12 critics, while Killer Instinct for the Xbox One got 73/100 from 37 critics. Both make sense for each game, Injustice was already a much loved game by the gaming press and the little content KI has is considered a good start.

I'm very interested in seeing some KI tournaments and if KI will accepted into EVO 2014.

Assist Me, the final season begins!

That's it for 2013, see you soon for EVO details and the event coming out of New York, Defend the North!