Turn your Twitter Feeds into Newspapers ("Whiskey Media Daily")


  You can create 10 Newspapers per user and can create them based on a user, a # tag or a list. It displays all links posted by those included in the feeds (which explains the Engadget link, tweeted by Jeff) and features youtube videos and Live Streams. I think it's a pretty cool little app, thanks to Stephen Fry for drawing my attention to it.

I've bought more PSN than bought PS3 this year

Let's see, Street Fighter IV, Valkyria Chronicles, Persona 4 and those were ages a go. Recently on the PSN I've bought Worms, Zuma, Fat Princess, Final Fantasy VII.
They're cheaper, proven quality and I don't have to leave the house to get them. But I can see myself getting Arkham Asylum, Tekken 6, FIFA 10, Dragon Age: Origins on disc whereas the only downloadable left that I really want is Trine so maybe it's just a case of timing.

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Question for (former) FFVII players (Sticking with 3 characters)

Because of the Materia system I feel no need to change my characters just for Limit Breaks. Also, the changing of Materia has been a tough task. If there's some way of changing without the PHS I haven't found it.

I'm almost set on sticking with Cloud, Barret and Red XIII for the entire game. Any problems with this? Are either Barret or Red XIII killed off before the end of the game (without spoiling how and when)? I'm already staying away from one certain character because I know what happens to her eventually through videos on the net over the years.

Currently I'm one disc one, at Red XIII's home.

Moaning and the Internet Police that follow. Don't fall for it.

I noticed that there was quite a backlash to the Endurance Run today, but there was an equal amount of people moaning about the moaning. So I did a moan of my own to see if I'd get a reaction and I was amused at the results.

My point? If someone rage-posts the best thing you can do is ignore them. The worst? Directly reply to them therefore giving them the attention they're craving.


Oh SFIV Online, you frustrate me so

You've just had a close match after 10 mins of searching, then it won't connect you to any yellow or green bars, but never hestitates to connect to red bars where you're either kicked or have a lag-tastic match. I've never going to be able to compete with my fellow G2ers if I get slaughtered once every 20 minutes of trying to find a match.

Speaking of which, where did all these G2-E people come from who I never fought in G3 who are twice as good as me? Talk about a jump in difficulty. Then I almost beat a G2-A Guile who seemed a slightly above average Guile player to what I'm used to ... what the hell is going on.

Integral Podcasts (Do you want ZOE3?)

I gave up on the MGS4 Integral podcasts since Ryan Payton left, but apparently there's now 10 episodes up on MGS4 for download.

Two Questions:
  1. Who knew about this?
  2. Why didn't you tell me?
In the latest podcast Ken, Aki and someone called Sean who to my knowledge never appeared in any of the Kojima Productions Report podcast with Ryan basically said "Do you want Zone of the Enders?" to which my answer is a big yes.

Upon deciding on this big yes you're supposed to message their page here and tell them how much you want ZOE3, so you know, go do it. If you'll excuse me I'll going to break into my friend's house and take back my copies of MGS4 and Valkyria Chronicles, there's a lot of podcasts and DLC I'm missing out on right now.

Akuma and Dan PS Home tees linked to trophies?

Dunno if this is a coincedence but I'm sure My Dan tee unlocked at the same time as my 50 wins trophy, as has my new black Akuma tee with the kanji on the front unlock after my 100 wins trophy. In any case I proceeded to make my Home self look as much like the Master of the Fist as possible. I'm now running around barefooted and looking like I'm in dire need of sleep.