My first content creation! Wed 6 August 2008

Greetings! Welcome to my second GB blog.

I've been updating a lot of pages recently from my favourite series as well as two lists, but my most proud achievement so far on GB is my Dragoon (concept) page! It's basically a page for all Dragoons that are in all games, I'm waiting for a big type up I did last night on The Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy XI to be accepted and we'll have some content!

In other news I'm still playing MGS4, it still rules but I've given up on Metal Gear Online until further notice, I'm just depressed with how it's been ruined for so many since the GENE expansion was released :-S anyway happy gaming later!

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Blog time blog time Party on! Excellent! Sat 26 July 2008

Welcome to the first GB blog of yours truly.

This week I've:-

A) Been getting extremely annoyed at Metal Gear Online. Unlike most people I hadn't any problems with it after the initial Konami ID sign-up process, but I find I'm unable to buy the GENE expansion pack. I've got a Visa card but after I've entered all my personal details it says the confirmation page doesn't exist :-S. Because of this I'm stuck to Free battle mode, which means relying on other people as hosts and I lag all the time, so yeah, the sooner that's fixed the better.

B) Waiting for my submission on Revolver Ocelot to be approved, it's really good and expands on Ocelot's life including MGS4 complete spoilers, I posted two and a half days a go, so whenever you're ready GB ^_^

Thanks for reading, speak to you soon

PS. Just finished typing up the page for Tekken series character Kazuya Mishima, didn't take as long as the Ocelot page thankfully, I'm pretty happy with it!

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