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He was one of the characters who I wouldn't have missed had he not come back.

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Does Naomi not have a British accent?

Why would she? Her cover was blown in MGS1.

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Their discussions are always incidental to all the stuff us Giant Bomb fighting game sub-community do with the preview threads and having the chat open all weekend and stuff. They don't pay attention to it and then speculate about things we already know the answer to and have half-assed opinions that would be clarified with but a 30 second look into the EVO 2015 thread or youtube uploads of EVO.

Like for example, Jason and Jeff on this bombcast are all like "Yeah new Tekken but would it really be that different? Tekken is Tekken so I didn't watch it lol!" But we during the weekend were all like "Wow it looks like they've really put effort into Tekken 7 with the new mechanics and slow mo stuff! I really enjoyed that top 8."

The disconnect irks me.

This is the case with many things they talk about more often then it should be. less than a minute of research or a quick Google search on the phones they all no doubt have on them during their podcasts would clear up almost all things that confuse them and prevent them from getting things straight up wrong. They're lucky we love them!

Pretty much!

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Oh boy, this is going to be good.

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Drew cleaned house this episode, nice job!

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Ahhh Drew you wildcard! Excellent ending.

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I thought Dan really was going to spoil the identity of the Patriots for a second there.

No spoilers Dan!

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@flstyle: Wasn't it a Razer stick? It had the (horrible) Razer logo all over it.

You're right, just watched it back, it does indeed have that stupid green logo on it.

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@austin_walker@alex It was a Razer stick that malfunctioned and a MadCatz stick Momochi finished the match with, you said it was a Mad Catz stick that malfunctioned.

Great discussion! Better than the bombcast.