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@papercut said:

Anyone talk about Sting's new theme? Because they gave the dude a new theme for what ever reason. I feel like his Crow theme was iconic enough that they shouldn't of messed with it. They had it in the WWE 2k15 trailer so they have the rights to it.

Agreed, I was looking forward to the theme hitting, I guess we'll never hear him walk out to it again.

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@flstyle: He got past him pretty easy, I think he as just angry that he bothered to fight him at all lol.

So he should! I would've done the same, Alonso can just deal with it.

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Alonso angry about not being able to get past the debuting Stevens haha

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@yummylee said:

Big props to @flstyle for the Dragon Age: Inquisition page! Group effort of course, but he done most of the heavy lifting for that one.

/salute A good job was done by all involved

Well done to everyone featured this week!

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This is going to be the best!

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Great job, I'll give it a watch over the weekend!

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I know for a fact that the DAI talk starts immediately after the 1st break.

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I'm going to get this on PS3, not really bothered about graphics.

PS. I've heard from a reliable source that there's not as many non-interactable, non-speaking NPCs in the last-gen versions. Take that for what you will.

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Oh wow, I might actually bite the bullet and get this for PS3 since my PC isn't good enough for it, plus all these mouse & keyboard issues.

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Mmmm yes, quite impressed. Is this a similiar program that allows me to update audio drivers as easily as GE?