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So I am trying to figure out if I want FES or P3P. I was pretty sold on Portable because of the battle system and portability. But after watching a couple videos, the visual novel style... is very hard for me to get over. I love the idea behind it, to speed up all the mundane parts. I find that now a days I want short games but I feel lost watching those scenes play out. I looked at the Fes battle system and it seems that Defend is missing and you can only influence your team. I cannot tell how important these things are. Will I be cursing the battle system 30 hours in? will I be bored by it?

As someone who's only ever played P3P I tell you that it made taking the hit of playing Persona 3 after Persona 4 a lot less painful. It sounds like the majority of FES players never used my Persona 3 team because the AI made them in particular do dumb stuff at the most critical moments.

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Fun match between Ludovic's Chun Li and Damdai's Evil Ryu, great to see Chun Li doing well again!

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Well that sucks! Good luck at your new job Alexis! Thanks for all the hard work through both the Whiskey and CBSi days!

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If you're curious about next month's Dragon Age: Inquisition then this is this perfect starting point, no doubt.

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  • As @hatking said, "Being the 'go-to' guy in the family when it comes to computer troubles."
  • As @tothenines said, Windows ME.
  • My disc of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge exploding inside (which I later heard was common because the discs were ass), destroying my disc drive.
  • Trying to force Mass Effect 1 to play because of a stupid error that escapes my mind at this time. It resulted in my PC's power unit burning out, which made me metaphorically soil myself in particular when I saw smoke rising from the back of my PC.