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1st draft of the brackets is up, we've got:

FRIDAY: USFIV, Melee - 1 pool, Wii U - 1 pool, Persona 4AU and half of GGXRD

SATURDAY: MKX, KI, UMVC3, half of GGXRD and 1 remaining Melee & Wii U pool each

Tekken 7 brackets haven't gone up yet, safe to assume they'll be Saturday

Bracket list

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One of my favorite things about being live at EVO last year was everybody running from the off-stream USF4 setups at the back of the room to tell everybody else when the top players were getting eliminated(namely Daigo & Infiltration). Then seconds later it would scroll on the big screen over the matches that were being streamed and the crowd would gasp. It felt like you were in the middle of a massive battlefield and giants were falling down everywhere.

That sounds awesome! Are you going this year too?

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I love the idea, Jeff and Jason know a whole bunch about fighting games from the past 25 years, this is exactly the sort of content I've been hoping for since Jason was brought on board.

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So far of all the games Jeff and Jason have played, the leader-board for best fighting game, as of July 1st 2015, is:

  1. Battle Arena Toshinden 3
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Visit the official full list Ranking of Fighters leaderboard of fighting games by co-host, co-creator, co-pugilist Jeff Gerstmann.

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@hassun said:

@flstyle: another early entry for the EVO thread: Preliminary pool placement!

Again, these are in no way final but I spotted some doozies in there. Xian and Smug in the same pool. Brolylegs, Air and Fuudo in the same pool. Filipinoman and Valmaster. Ricki Ortiz and Marq Teddy. PR_Balrog and Itazan. Latif, Julio and Dieminion. Xiao hai and Haitani. Just to name a few.

I've bookmarked the page, we'll just have to wait and see what the official pools look like.

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KI might have the fewest entrants this year but it has more than 4 of the games that were last year(last year's entrant numbers I mean). I'd like to think the PC port and a possible season 3 will help grow that community cause I like watching it. GG having almost 1K is so crazy, good for that community.

Anybody have predictions on the Sunday games? For me it's, in order:

GG, Sm4sh(I'd rather Melee but with more entrants & possible Nintendo influence I doubt it), MKX, Marvel(ChrisG's last chance to get this title?), USF4.

  • KI is growing bit by bit, it's far from dead. It's had a large gap between games, no fanbase outside of the USA and no established competitive scene to my knowledge. It's done quite well for itself considering.
  • That sounds a very likely Sunday line up, I'd guess that Melee gets main event status for Saturday, Tekken 7 on Saturday too, and P4UA and KI on Friday.

That would make Melee & pools all Friday, Wii U pools all Saturday, USFIV and Marvel also be split between Friday and Saturday, maybe split Tekken 7 and KI between Friday and Saturday... I'd have thought there'll be a bunch of players signed up for both GG and P4UA so split those up too.

That leaves MKX, which may or may not get split in half over the 2 days, honestly I have no idea how it'll all work out, or how many streams they'll use.

Capcom Fighters will handle USFIV pools and then they might need srkevo1, srkevo2 and srkevo3 to handle it all this year, 3 streams might not be enough.

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