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Spooky's stream has gone down for the moment, someone in the Twitch chat said PICNIC instead of PANIC and it made me chuckle.

PS. Nova and Doom, new best friends, 155 hit combo!

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I also voted for P4ER! I would've been tempted to vote for the Big Live Live Show: Live 1 after hours block party stream.

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@super2j said:

So I am trying to figure out if I want FES or P3P. I was pretty sold on Portable because of the battle system and portability. But after watching a couple videos, the visual novel style... is very hard for me to get over. I love the idea behind it, to speed up all the mundane parts. I find that now a days I want short games but I feel lost watching those scenes play out. I looked at the Fes battle system and it seems that Defend is missing and you can only influence your team. I cannot tell how important these things are. Will I be cursing the battle system 30 hours in? will I be bored by it?

As someone who's only ever played P3P I tell you that it made taking the hit of playing Persona 3 after Persona 4 a lot less painful. It sounds like the majority of FES players never used my Persona 3 team because the AI made them in particular do dumb stuff at the most critical moments.

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Fun match between Ludovic's Chun Li and Damdai's Evil Ryu, great to see Chun Li doing well again!

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Well that sucks! Good luck at your new job Alexis! Thanks for all the hard work through both the Whiskey and CBSi days!

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