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Am I the only person who feels like this is a bad compromise for PC users? I mean, I'm glad it exists for the console people, who obviously can't import their saves if they change from one system to another, but I've still got Origins and DA2 saves on my computer. They can't even figure out how to let me upload one of them and reset some of these defaults?

The Frostbite engine never had save import functionality and I can only imagine how hard it would be for BioWare to create it (on top of building Inquisition from scratch). As a fellow PC user for BioWare games I agree it's not ideal but given the choice I'd take Frostbite Inquisition and the Keep over an upgraded version of the DA:O/DA2 engine Inquisition with the import functionality. I have confidence that DAI will blow the previous 2 games out of the water.

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I don't approve of this thread, it feels exclusionary and icky.

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I don't even know what these movies are about anymore....

Also is that the chick from Hollyoaks?

Talk about 6 degrees of separation...

I rewatched the trailer and the only new girl I recognised was the girl who plays Missandei in Game of Thrones, her name is apparently Nathalie Emmanuel, so I then looked up Nathalie Emmanuel and indeed she was once in Hollyoaks, a programme I don't watch but know of because it's British and so am I.

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Welcome back sir. Metal Gear Scanlon was truely hilarious.

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@damodar said:

Metal Gear Scanlon

Soon to hit up that Big Shell

'Kept you waiting, huh?'


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That day Farnsworth said

To which was heard in his voice

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I assume this will be a free for all, is that Danny making his PBC debut?

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On its own I'd say Dragon Age: Origins over Fallout 3.

Even more so if you're planning on playing DA: Inquisition.

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@oddbit: It looks so good in the dark! When I first saw it during Extra Life I didn't even realise it was the GB logo.

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Sure go for it, Jason is cool and adds a lot.