Top 20 Dragon Age characters

Honourable mentions AKA characters from the Dragon Age Novels, Stolen Throne and The Calling who for obvious reasons do not have entries in the GB wiki-database:

  Prince/King Maric Theirin
King Maric started out life in Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne as a teenager following his mother, the Rebel Queen and her army around. But he soon learns of the hardships of having an entire nation depending on him. With his best friend, a young Loghain Mac Tir and his soon to be wife, Rowan he sets about freeing Ferelden from the Orlesians.
Watching Maric sacrifice his happyness constantly for his country throughout The Stolen Throne and The Calling made me feel a bit sorry for him. He turned out to be a great character, unlike his son Cailan.  
I was also a fan of Queen Rowan and Katriel the Elf.

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Posted by Wunder_

I liked Leliana over Morrigan, but then again, I'm fond of redheads. :3

Posted by wrathofconn
@Wunder_ said:
" I liked Leliana over Morrigan, but then again, I'm fond of redheads. :3 "
This dude knows the score. My first playthrough was awkward because my female character looked a whole lot like Leliana.
Posted by Wunder_
@wrathofconn:  I sure hope you romanced Leliana and had really hot redhead mirror sex. I know I did that for my second play- *cough*
Posted by FLStyle
@Wunder_: Sacred Ashes trailer Leliana was waaay more hot than Sacred Ashes trailer Morrigan. In-game I just can't leave my witch-bitch.