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So, if you browse your local files, and go to data/res, you'll find 2 files (standard and SFMT) that reveal all on the spawning (the .json files can be opened in Notepad). Basically, each kill ups the difficulty by a set number of points, and each time it rises the spawn behaviour is changed. Blimp appears at difficulty 600, which is the maximum, and submarines can spawn at 480. Note, can; spawning is random, with a percentage chance value of rare spawns in that file (1 in 8 Ace spawns are Laser Ace, and there's a 1 in 3 chance that when Aces spawn a submarine will as well). It also states that at least 1 submarine has to die for Ace Marines (yeah, no idea what that is) to spawn.

Oh, and by the way - in that folder is also a series of files that cover each part's behaviour - speed and damage, etc - and modifying it is reflected in game. Just, y'know, make sure you save the original under a new name first to revert in case of crashes.

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As someone who got to S&O on 360 and got so helplessly whupped they double-died and lost everything, I'd say this to beginners:

Go to Youtube, and watch Seraphim's guide. He does a great concise beginner's walkthrough - yes, it's hugely long, but watch it in chunks to see where to go, not to copy every move he makes.

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Yeah, don't go to the usual backwaters. The two/three that are always hateful pits of shit reverberate with, at the nicest, "who?".

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I'm just expecting this to be one big social experiment and we'll get the bombcast in the few minutes with Ryan just being like "HEY EVERYBODY IT'S TUESDAY AND YOU ALL TOTALLY BELIEVED I WAS DEAD"

i wouldn't even be slightly mad if that happened.

I'm actually sadder that there's no chance of it happening.

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Man I must have looked crazy yesterday, sat in a park while my son goes and plays on the climbing frames, looking aghast at my phone clearly trying poorly to keep my shit together, watching in real time as Twitter just EXPLODES in grief. Thankfully the wife understands how the loss of a guy who's talked in your ear for 5 years straight can be devastating, so there was some solace there, but every time I read another article or account of a member of the gaming community he's affected so deeply I have to work hard to not lose my shit again.

Someone I know on Tumblr summed it up perfectly: in the UK, a lot of younger people watched perplexed as adults broke down for days on end when Diana passed. We didn't get it; she was a person we knew of, yeah, but it's not like we'd met, like we'd talked. She was a concept to us, a distant thing, but they'd watched this relationship grow to marriage and then the birth of the princes, the marital breakdown and the tragic end to it all. Ryan Davis is the gaming community's Diana; he was in every part of it, at the heart, the centre of the industry. The gaming press all wanted to be him, to be friends with him, to feel that what they did was approved of by him; games creators and PR wanted his seal, his camraderie, his warmth to them; we, as fans, followed his life, as he hid nothing from us, and listened to him devotedly. We lost our centre.

so yes, hugs all around. We all feel shitty inside right now.

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You might want to pull down the sponsored links thing, guys, it's really not helping with its related articles...

We will, as a community, mourn him the way we do. We will play games, all kind of games, and hope that he'd play them and love them too.

Goodbye, Ryan. All too soon to say it, but say it, we must.

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I note they matched the old iPad pricing region for region; likely it's not by accident.

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So nobody else sees a Bombcast on either iTunes feed (the old one and the one beneath the post on the site), yes?

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@Smithers: As one of the many people who bought this (1182 people playing on Steam as I type), I can say I'm not, and neither is my buddy who I co-oped the game with. The original was buggy but fun, this intrigued, and then the first real media for it was that awful statue and the pre-alpha video IGN have. Put me right off, as it did him.

Having read through a few pages of these comments, I now regret having a daughter. One day she'll meet people like them, after all.

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Seriously, another article on this! Patrick. You contribute a huge amount of great stuff to this site, across all forms of content. But this sexism angle has got to be toned down. There is nothing sexist about this figurine. Yes it's a little crass and obvious and cheap but it's not sexist. At all. It just isn't.

I'm a male and perhaps I don't get it. Maybe I'm lucky or ignorant about these issues, although I'm not trying to be.

A reduction in opportunities for woman in the gaming industry would be a bad thing and could be ruled as sexism and I'm sure there are genuine examples of sexism in the video game world from time to time. Please report or write about them, inform us and add to the debate. It's clearly an important issue for you and so it should be.

This is a piece of marketing, aimed at young males. I bet it works too. It may alienate some of the audience but I'm sure that was a calculated decision. There are many examples of marketing aimed at women too. Hunky men, etc. Sex sells...it isn't sexism.

If you don't see the sexism of having an anorexic, augmented bikini girl that's been reduced to a sliced up torso as a "collector's edition" centrepiece, there is no help for you. It's sad, because as some of the commenters point out, the game has multiple strong female characters; of course, one was famously lacking underwear in the original, so I guess we should have seen this coming.

It cheapens gaming, and as a result gamers, to have this crap. This is worse than, say, Sims nude/"real hair" patches and the Skyrim mod scene. It's a whole new level of crass.