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Piracy of games is the same as piracy of movies, however; it is the people who don't have the decency to pay for it if they like it that are hurting the industry. Surveys done in the past have shown that a large margin of people who pirate movies buy them later on DVD. This isn't true of music and games; I assume it's because the thrill of the game is the playing, and once it's finished there's little to go back to. Films, by being a closed narrative, are good for repeated views, and games can't match that usually. 
Devil's advocacy, natch.

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Shenmue 3, with an XBLA/PSN rerelease of the first 2. The only thing that'd work for me. 
Okay, or Jet Set Radio Future 2.

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#935 after 5 minutes work, trying to get that last part to trigger and wondering why it wouldn't recognise games and characters (MvC 1+3 bosses work, but not 2's?). Eventually popped all but games, realised it wanted franchises...

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These are essentially cheat codes, to make the Hardcore run easier (as New Game+ isn't available for it). While it is kinda annoying, what it would give you takes some of the fun away.

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@SquadBroken: It's very important, as it covers how they got the information to allow for the creation of markers and why they need people who've been in contact with it. It's explained by Dead Space: Aftermath, which I heartily recommend never watching ever. Seriously, read the summary of Dead Space Wiki, but don't waste your time watching it. Truly awful. 
Anyway, the "eye poke machine" triggers the memory in the brain of the code the Marker implants in those exposed to it. This code is then used to create new Markers, as all the red ones (as revealed in the first game) are man made. As explained in the film, they have technology that allows them to access memories in the brain when recalled; the problem is, the Marker code is in deep, needing a pain trigger. EarthGov isn't very humane.
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Judging from what I've been reading on the Dead Space wiki, the Markers we've seen so far are manufactured copies of an Earth artefact called the Black Marker. Altman was the person who revealed it to the public, and for this he was brutally murdered by a Brute and martyred into Unitology. The red markers appear to be made from code that is implanted into people's minds by being in its presence; this is what the "eye poke machine" is for , extracting that data. Red markers appear to suppress the Necromorphs, as on Aegis VII that's what the Marker was planted there for, and why the events of Dead Space occur. Judging by the end of this sequel, though, the Necromorphs are also drawn to it; perhaps to destroy it? They never get near it, though, and the Hive Mind of the Necromorphs appears to be able to "lash out" at afflicted minds through it (the final boss). 
Beyond all that, my theories thus far: 
By trying to remove the Marker from Aegis VII, they awoke the Necromorph plague, so they may be defensive nodes that trigger the plague when they are disturbed (like how a spider web acts as prey detection for trapdoor spiders and the like) to allow them to gather suitable mass to make a Hive Mind in defense/to spread. It seems the Sprawl was a production facility for Markers (you come across one being assembled near the end, after all), but you never really find out what triggered them to attack; they're clearly aiming for Isaac and Stross (hence the visions both suffer from, where their dead loved ones coax them into giving up or joining them), so it's possible that it sensed biomasses with important information stored in them (ie Isaac and Stross' minds) and attempted to assimilate them. Could it be they need the codes stored in people's minds to create a Hive Mind, and the "Ubermorph" at the end is the remains of Stross after he is absorbed? After all, it has the same sort of head as the one at the end of the first game, and it only appears after Stross dies.

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So, somehow today I got on to the subject of sad moments in games with the wife (also a gamer, so not utterly odd a topic), and up came this subject as a result: What's the most "twist" moment in a game that's ever utterly thrown you? As in, that moment in a game that you completely never expected and really had an impact? 
For me, it's got to be "A Christmas Gift" in Elite Beat Agents. Attached is a video capture someone did, right from the opening comic explanation: 

  I have to admit, this is still the biggest tear jerker in a game for me, bigger even than the train on FF VI. I mean, in a game where you help a man turn his American Football skills to parenting, got a pug a ride across the country to come home, and even battled an alien invasion with the power of dance and song, I never expected a properly emotional level dealing with the loss of a loved one. 
Has anyone got any other examples of "why is this in the game" moments?
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Line Gun, Force Gun, Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle.

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That's a pretty clear statement that what they have repeatedly denied is true: they plan to make their Call of Duty series independent of XBL and PSN, and charge for multiplayer access. He states clearly it is a platform, offering a suite of services. That to me sounds like "pay a WoW-like subscription, we don't charge for map packs or multiplayer access any more".

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Sonic Adventure's a great game - when it's not the PC port. I mean, I believe the DC original had widescreen support... The sequel was better though, and that's the one that needs the port.