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Besides Ubisoft getting THQ Montreal, I don't think anyone could have predicated these other buyers.

Sega were PERFECT for Relic. Now they have Creative Assembly, Relic and Sports Interactive, pretty much owning PC strategy.

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Sure, but how hard is clunky to fix? How old is this footage? Is it OFFICIAL footage? I've never known Activision to push anything out that isn't high quality. Maybe it is a little clunky at release, but it'll be patched. They wont push it out and abandon it. I'm keeping my hopes up. There's no reason to call this bad until someone has played it and it's in a release state.

Activision published X-Men: Destiny.

Oh man. Oh man, this was so great. So much this.

What does he mean, "never pushed out anything that isn't high quality"? They do it all the time! Prototype was a buggy mess because they just got it released and thought they'd patch later. X-Men: Destiny was another "screw it, get it shipped", Goldeneye Reloaded was theirs... heck, there's enough examples this generation that prove that statement wrong.

Activision's motto is "churn and burn". Get it out the door, reap the money, sack the devs if it goes bad.

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Is it definitely sold, not shipped? Because we've had that before...

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That's an issue with the prefs.prop files not being the same in both the saves folder and game folder. Sadly, the fix doesn't always work, and it just wiped out all my progress. I was half an hour from finishing episode 3. No fix method has worked for me, so I have to restart.

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That review is awful, for one major reason:

That central tenet, that you never fire the Mammoth's gun? You do. You point the laser designator, and it fires on what you pointed it at. It's no different Halo Reach's airstrike in that regard. He spends a fifth of a review telling you that you never a fire a weapon you use several times in that level. He then goes on to act as if Bungie never talked about rampancy before, despite it being as old a concept as Marathon, a game that came out in 1994, the same year as the game he lauds for coming up with the idea (System Shock). Basically, he knows sod all, and pretends like his ignorance is knowledge.

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Well, the games is apparently running at 1080p downscaled to 720p with FXAA, so yes it'd look BEAUTIFUL on a true 1080p setting on PC.

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People who've hacked the leaked copy say there's keyboard prompts and key bindings in the files, so don't be shocked if it happens. It could be from the development, but still, could happen.

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There's been streams up for the last few days of people playing. This is a big leak!

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So, someone on 4chan already posted the ending, Legendary extra scene, and a load of spoilers. So, time to go dark if you're bothered guys.

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I have all the Dragon Age games installed on Origin, and I am yet to have my organs harvested. It's just a platform - a little clunky, yes, but not GFWL clunky. Just not Steam smooth yet.