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So, someone on 4chan already posted the ending, Legendary extra scene, and a load of spoilers. So, time to go dark if you're bothered guys.

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I have all the Dragon Age games installed on Origin, and I am yet to have my organs harvested. It's just a platform - a little clunky, yes, but not GFWL clunky. Just not Steam smooth yet.

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@big_jon: No, on the adults too. It's weird, because it looked fine in the ODST/Reach trailers.

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The props all look to be in a different scale to the people. It's a little jarring. Armour looks too thin, guns too huge... but, the drama seems good.

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Wait... so if you hit the new cap, you'll have gained 300% each of item find and gold find?

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@JDW519 said:

Wouldn't the Zombies try to eat the bodies? You'd be like the caramel center in a Meaty Cadbury egg


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@Nethlem: Some would argue at this point that "zombies" counts as a genre now, though. I mean, I have Telltale's Walking Dead, both Left 4 Dead games, Trapped Dead, Atom Zombie Smasher, No Zombies Allowed, and I'm waiting on Deadlight. Then there's ZombiU, Onechanbara, Lollipop Chainsaw... heck, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_zombie_video_games

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Oh great, a sub-par Left 4 Dead with elements of a pretty average semi-RP FPS. That sounds like a wonderful game! And you play as two of the least sympathetic characters from the media? Well that just makes it better!

Why the hell did they have to get the license...

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Tony Hawk, Deadlight, maybe Dust.