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@skrutop: Nintendo doesn't play that game, and announced ahead of time they would not do that. They'll wait a while, mull over reactions etc, then release a date and price.

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I'm shocked they didn't throw in the full unlocks as well.

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Am I the only person who just felt that The Last Of Us just looked like I Am Alive in Uncharted's engine then?

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It's a pretty mediocre year, but that's because it's the end of a console cycle. All the big bombastic stuff's been held back for the big reveal next year, so we're just seeing the last drips being wrung out of this hardware. It's no biggie.

And of course the chat is bitchy. It's for quick off the cuff soundbytes.

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Mii verse seems to be Nintendo making a Facebook and Twitter solely for their platform that they control. Which is certainly an approach.

That was pretty cool though, and now I'm intrigued by Tuesday rather than watching out of a sense of completeness.

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@nERVEcenter: oddly, they haven't done the other 2. Might do them myself.

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RE E3 Bingo:

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@urban_ryoga: the ME3 MP DLC (acronymsplosionnnnnnnnnnn) is only free because the money hat is the booster packs.

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There's an arm tattoo that marks at least one out as a member of the original employers of 47. I'm going to guess they sent a squad out to take him down. This is almost as bad as the previous ads they did, which were also "violence against women no sale for you? Guess we lost you then" bait. See Joystiq critique here.

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The fact that you don't know which dungeon crawlers I'm talking about shows me that you don't know shit. Shut up. Don't reply to people who say bad things about Diablo 3. Go play your Diablo 3 instead of defending it so furiously.

Dude chill out. I'm honestly asking for you to elaborate on your opinion.

Lol...he still hasn't actually told us what games he is referring to lol. The only game in my opinion that is in the same league as Diablo is Trine, but they practically admit that they just knocked off Diablo II to tide people over until Diablo III. Anyways he's just trolling ignore him.

I assume you mean Torchlight. And there's also Titan Quest, and a few free to plays, and now by the looks of the trailer even a Marvel one.