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If the game is fun why would I care?

I bought it the other day, and "broken"might be a better description. Big patch today apparently, but when I tried to play you couldn't play co-op at all, which is kinda the point of the game...

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The main page of my notes:

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Can someone tell me where the Rosetta Stone is for Fez? You know, the break out moment where you can start making sense of the alphabet/numbers? I am avoiding all of the spoilers because i really want to do this on my own, but I feel at this point I am focusing too much on the wrong stuff. I am NG+

IIRC they're both near their respective artifact - the language is explained by the pangram (quick brown fox, look for the animals) and the numbers I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it's near the counting cube on a blackboard.

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Yeah, I think they "zone" it like the world.

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Figuring out the input code for myself, and then realising the "matrix obelisk" was the cipher by which you're supposed to solve it, felt weirdly great. Like, I should have solved this through the clue, and instead I just... solved it.

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The fact that there's a website of brute force codes that asks you to tell it which works for you tells me that, yes, this is truly a puzzle of experimentation.

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This needs its own Wikia. Makes my head hurt.

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Back at the starting village, where you go through the fireplace.

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I'd like to think that the only ending where Shepard still draws breath is the best ending. As such, Destruction at high EMS must be it.

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You can get the best ending by just playing; you can get an extra scene by playing MP a bit (seriously, I've played like 12 games and I'm at 80% now).

And of course the right ending is "end synthetic life". Your goal throughout the series has been to end the Reaper threat; any scenario that leaves them alive allows them to continue. Add in the proof of what happened to Saren and what likely is happening to Illusive Man and bingo - you can never control them, destruction is the only way.