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Count me in. PSN ID is Flushes5.

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I've played a few hours and sent in my app for the corp. Starting to kind of figure things out?

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Language preference added to matchmaking. Now there is no excuse not to permanently ban anyone intentionally queuing for a language they don't speak.

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The AI characters in this game are incredibly stupid and are destroying any semblance of enjoyment I can get out of the combat. If a boss does a screen-hitting super attack, your AI character is absolutely unable to block or evade it, and will get repeatedly killed. There is no way to make all of your characters defend in time to prevent this from happening. Unless I can find some way to remedy this, I am going to stop playing this game WELL before I even get halfway through it.

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Five keys, first come etc.

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P416, Shredder, Supressed Z97, flamethrower.

If I could carry more SMG ammo, I would only carry the shredder.

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The servers were pretty blasted for the first little while, but everything is mostly fine now.

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The shredder feels like the most versatile of them all. Deep magazine, obnoxious fire rate, zero recoil, high damage, fast reloads, SMG movement speed, and a suppressor. I don't have any science to back it up, but I think it might deal the highest practical damage per second of any weapon at all ranges outside of sniping distance. The signature LMG competes with it, but tends to drift off target at longer ranges and is not suppressed.

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FAL + supressor and select fire, then insert whatever other crap I feel like playing around with. Seriously, the FAL (select fire or not) feels like the best, most versatile weapon in the game.

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@Napalm: I was just setting them up one after the other. It was kill confirmed, so once I had enough shit set up, I just sat there and farmed tags while distracting people from my gear. Combined with all the suppress points, the tags fed me enough points to set up guardians and sentry guns faster than they could reasonably destroy them without coordinating.