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I've been playing FC4 on the Xbox and I feel very frustrated with how loose the aiming feels. I know a lot of people think the sticks are too loose, but I haven't had any issues with other games i have played. Halo and Call of Duty AW feel fine. So my question is, has anyone played the Xbox version and either PC with a controller, or the PS4 version? Do those versions feel tighter, or is it just the game itself that feels loose? I have played FC3 on PC with a controller and that felt tight and responsive to me. Thanks for any feedback.

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How does a company like Bungie, that seemed to want nothing more than a fresh start after Halo, come out of the gate and create a game with so many parallels to it's previous game? The Traveler vs Halo. The fallen vs the covenant. The ghost vs guilty spark/Cortana. The game play feels similar, although updated and improved.

The same arguments can be made towards Respawn and Titanfall. Why does this happen so often? To me, it comes across as a negative commentary against the intelligence level of people that play the games.

People point to the never ending sequels as a sign of dark times, but this trend may be worse for the future of "big" games.

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I really liked it. If you are a believer in the Zelda timeline concept this game does a TON to set up that theory. For that reason its a must play in my book, especially if you played and enjoyed Ocarina of Time.

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Was planning on it when it was first announced. It sounded like the greatest thing in the world. Then it got delayed, and then delayed again, and then the price increased. Now there are multiple reports of it just being garbage. If they can fix the issues with firmware I might consider it, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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I think parents need to pay closer attention to their kids these days.

Compared to when?

Compared to the days before the internet was easily accessible. There was a time when a kids world was confined to the block he lived on. And just as there are many more distractions for kids today, the same is true for parents as well.

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Bob Saget

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Applied. PS4. I suck at this game.

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I think this helps answer the fish in space question from the bombcast.

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pretty much

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