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I'm super disappointed. I only consoled myself about Colbert leaving knowing Jon Stewart would still be there. Also, seriously, where will college students get their news now? Legit, everyone I know only got news from The Daily Show and Colbert, which is dumb but hey, its truth.

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@lepton: What makes it disappointing? How can someone else's list be disappointing?

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@stonyman65: unreleased movies have insurance. They won't lose a thing.

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@muzhik: I think he's more confused about you associating Seth Rogan with the American government. Because apparently we're all responsible for the government's clandestine operations.

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Kinda disappointing that this film was pulled from theaters not because i want to see this film for entertainment, but it's being pulled because North Korea feels like this movie can actually hurt Kim Jong-Un and North Korea's image.

When I heard about this news I thought this movie would be tamed compared to the other movies Seth and Franco has worked on. This movie could have been much worse if it was directed by Uwe Boll or Sacha Baron Cohens.

I would understand if Sony or some other theater company delay's a violent film if there was a massacre that happen before the film's release in order to pay respect for the fallen victim's and their families, but to pull this film because North Korea is threatening to terrorize our theater's and possibly invade some nearby country is absurd on North Korea

If North Korea is getting upset over this film, I wonder which country get's the blame for the possible release of Homefront : The Revolution , USA or UK? (hope Crytek doesn't go bankrupt too soon)

I think the labor camps already hurt their image enough. And the famine...and just about everything else they do.

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@alexw00d: Well, I mean to be fair the constitution is kind of important. Hell the Magna Carta is from 1215 and still important.

edit to actually add to the discussion: yeah I'm pretty bummed. I was going to see it with a bunch of friends on Christmas day. Even if it was shit it would have been a fun time. Plus there's the fact that Sony and the major cinema chains basically just caved into terrorism. But on the off chance something happened they would have been sued into oblivion. A pretty awful situation either way.

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It always surprises me when people say Adventure 1 and 2 were bad. I thought those games were pretty good and playing them again recently, they have some flaws but they're still great. After that it pretty much goes to hell though. Generations is good though, and Sonic and All Stars Racing is awesome if that counts.

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Well this went real bad real quick. Oh well, voted for Jeff, he's ahead of PewdiePie which is crazy, so by some miracle maybe he can pass TB.

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@demoskinos: Pretty sad we live in an age where a Bioware RPG like Dragon Age is "A console game, not a PC game" especially since the first one was so much of a PC game.

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Dragon Age 2 wasn't exactly a bad game. It just wasn't a good Dragon Age game. This looks promising but I'll wait for the Quick Look and possible bombcast discussion before pulling the trigger. I got burned bad last time.