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Well this went real bad real quick. Oh well, voted for Jeff, he's ahead of PewdiePie which is crazy, so by some miracle maybe he can pass TB.

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@demoskinos: Pretty sad we live in an age where a Bioware RPG like Dragon Age is "A console game, not a PC game" especially since the first one was so much of a PC game.

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Dragon Age 2 wasn't exactly a bad game. It just wasn't a good Dragon Age game. This looks promising but I'll wait for the Quick Look and possible bombcast discussion before pulling the trigger. I got burned bad last time.

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"Silence isn't complicity. Silence might also be not letting a campaign of hate and chaos be taken seriously by not giving it a place at the table." this is basically what I've been saying since day one. Thanks for this Jeff.

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@spyder335: We all have done that. And many of us have played postal. I dunno, after watching the trailer I feel like there's no way in hell they're taking themselves seriously. But even so, it's really gross. I've been struggling all day about if I would ever actually play it.

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As I've been saying all day on other sites, they have every right to make this game, and I have every right to think it's fucking disgusting. I just don't see why this was made but I'm pretty sure it's all a plan for publicity, and damn did they get that.

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Good luck with everything Alexis! I hope he comes back a lot. I always really liked him :(

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I never really liked Minecraft so I don't really have a stake in this. But I'm finding the reaction from the internet pretty hilarious.

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Gonna toss my vote in for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. That is right up Dan's alley

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I think he looks really great. He's quite handsome and seems a bit more realistic than Charlie