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So what you're saying is it's bad when a game feels like a game? I see people say this all the time, but I don't understand how that's a bad thing. I play games to be entertained, not have a deep meaningful experience. Games are just that to me. Games. So if something takes me out of the immersion, whatever, it doesn't really hurt things for me. Maybe I'm just weird though.

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I'm super excited for this, not because of PC elitism, but because I really care about MGS and being able to experience it on PC is exciting for me. The downside to this is that my decision to buy a PS4 continues to be a bad one and I feel like at this point I should sell it and buy a Wii U

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Kojima won both Gamescom and my heart. Also I suppose we can just stop anticipating any announcements of substance from Valve from now on?

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@conmulligan: So much this. Rorie was a fucking champion after Dan and Jason got hired and really proved his worth.

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@excast: It would tell me that Giant Bomb's hires are showing positive results, and that Gamespot had too much staff. I don't think GB will be affected just because they're part of CBSi.

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I hope Danny is safe

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I love how worked up people get that Dan isn't a mega cultured urbanite. Personally I love it. Dan has been such a good addition to the site.

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I'm with Jeff and Dan on the whole "Never put vegetables on a burger" thing. Why someone would do that is beyond me.

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Nice article. I felt the same way about Joel in the Last of Us. I hated him and though he was just a psychopath using Ellie as an excuse. So I killed every doctor at the end. Not because I wanted to, but I felt like that's what Joel would do.

Edit: Sorry if anyone got spoiled, figured it had been out a while, plus in an article about spoilers. MY BAD ;~;

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@amafi: That's what I'm saying. Whether it is tumblr or webhook or a WordPress site, it's the same.