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@sarisa: it's biased and unreliable because it isn't a peer reviewed credible source. Use tumblr or wikipedia in a college paper and watch what happens.

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@rorie: Can I just say you are a saint for putting up with all this, and you really earned your paycheck today.

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@sarisa: I actually can't tell if you are trolling or not either because you are seriously implying you can't be racist towards white people. You are correct on one count, reverse racism isn't real. Its just regular ass racism. I don't care what race it is towards, its the same thing and it sucks no matter who it is directed towards. Also, thanks for judging me based on a name when you know nothing about me.

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@sarisa: Lol at the fact I made the name years ago, don't watch the show anymore and can't change the name. Also how is it not? If I implied all black people or gay people were the same, that would be wrong, correct?

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I'd just like to point out, isn't assuming Jason and Dan to be the same as the others/all white straight guys to be the same also sort of...racist?

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As I said in the other thread, I'm very disappointed in both sides of this. They chose who they thought were the best people for the job, I'd rather them do that than hire a statistic. That would do this site a great disservice. On the other hand, though some shit was said, people didn't need to bite back with death threats and dickish behavior. That solves nothing. Everyone needs to calm the fuck down

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I'm super hyped to see what they bring to the site. Welcome aboard!

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I'm so fucking disappointed in both sides of this. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is supposed to he an awesome time for Giant Bomb, but you are trying your hardest to ruin it. Congrats to Dan and Jason and I hope to see a lot of great content in the future.

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Congrats to both of them. Super excited to see Dan with the site.

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