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I'm super excited for this, not because of PC elitism, but because I really care about MGS and being able to experience it on PC is exciting for me. The downside to this is that my decision to buy a PS4 continues to be a bad one and I feel like at this point I should sell it and buy a Wii U

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Kojima won both Gamescom and my heart. Also I suppose we can just stop anticipating any announcements of substance from Valve from now on?

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@conmulligan: So much this. Rorie was a fucking champion after Dan and Jason got hired and really proved his worth.

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@excast: It would tell me that Giant Bomb's hires are showing positive results, and that Gamespot had too much staff. I don't think GB will be affected just because they're part of CBSi.

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I hope Danny is safe

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I love how worked up people get that Dan isn't a mega cultured urbanite. Personally I love it. Dan has been such a good addition to the site.

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I'm with Jeff and Dan on the whole "Never put vegetables on a burger" thing. Why someone would do that is beyond me.

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Nice article. I felt the same way about Joel in the Last of Us. I hated him and though he was just a psychopath using Ellie as an excuse. So I killed every doctor at the end. Not because I wanted to, but I felt like that's what Joel would do.

Edit: Sorry if anyone got spoiled, figured it had been out a while, plus in an article about spoilers. MY BAD ;~;

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@amafi: That's what I'm saying. Whether it is tumblr or webhook or a WordPress site, it's the same.

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@sarisa: I haven't used the word SJW once because it is dismissive and doesn't contribute anything to the conversation. You don't have to write a dissertation, but it's just normal to bring credible sources if you are going to argue. I have seen tumblr linked multiple times, and the fact of the matter is, it is not a credible source of info. I could make my own blog, type up a bunch of bullshit and cite it, but that doesn't make any of it true.