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Sess got kind of weird after leaving G4. It's sad because I watched him back when he was on Gamespot TV. He didn't really seem the same on Rev3 and that Twitter meltdown over PS4 was bizarre. But overall, it's sad to see him go.

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For all the people saying Dwarf Fortress, did you all forget about the amazing Dave Fortress series? That shit was gold.
Also, I haven't been keeping up, did Patrick beat the Blue Baby on Isaac, or Isaac himself?

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Jesus...why? I have zero faith in Facebook to not fuck this up. Please Carmack...

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I saw a dude named "FlashyScones" the other day. Not sure why but I chuckled.

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So, does anyone think that things are going to start popping off over there, and if they do, is the US/NATO/UN/EU just going to throw Ukraine under the bus? I certainly don't want a war, but if it came to that, I don't think the West has the stomach for fighting anymore.

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@zella: 40 dollars is still way too much for a 2 hour game. I'm really disappointed.

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So basically, they're releasing a demo for retail price. What the fuck

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Memelands 2 for me. Ryan was right when he said it was figuratively written by reddit

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I'm very happy to hear that it will be similar to 3 and 4. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I just hope that I can get as attached to the cast as I did 3 and 4. That's most of the reason I love the games so much.

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You all are acting like babies. If invasions scare you that much you probably shouldn't be playing Dark Souls in the first place. Its part of the experience. Man up and take a death.