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Congrats to both of them. Super excited to see Dan with the site.

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@wsgexe: I agree with not being upset about the new hire. Not so much with how he phrased it.

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@angeln7: Notice how that last one is sort of stumbling around, something is wrong with them.

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I'm hoping with all my might that it's Dan. I freaking love him and I think he'd be a perfect fit.

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@mikey87144: Yes, mediocre, that's why all the 9 scores are in there. Nice b8 m8

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The thing I don't understand is people complaining about the movie taking itself seriously. If you've seen the original Godzilla, you'd know that movie was very serious. It only got campy after a couple of entries into the series, and I never liked those. The serious Godzilla films were always the best.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! I'll be sure to try some of this out and see if it helps.

@jjweatherman: @singingmenstrual: My fear doesn't really stem from anything. I've only been in once small accident. I just feel like I don't have any control of the car. All I focus on is the fact that I've driving a 1.5 ton death machine of fiber glass and steel. I have no idea how anyone puts that out of their head and just drives. I can't stop thinking about killing or hurting someone because I can't control it, or worse, someone hitting me because they aren't paying attention.

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>implying petitions mean anything

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  1. The embargo was an attempt to stop Japan slaughtering millions of Chinese
  2. World War II was probably the most necessary war and could not have been won without a draft
  3. Welcome to warfare. Wear down the enemy morale, and they'll quit fighting
  4. This is a legit problem
  5. Got us out of the Depression
  6. Got machine guns out of reach
  7. Gotta have taxes to fund social programs
  8. This is bullshit and you pulled it out of your ass
  9. Everyone knew war was coming, this was a smart move
  10. Don't know much about this
  11. Better to have a minimum wage than have people getting paid 10 cents an hour to make iPads
  12. Oh I think I see why you don't like him now. This explains everything
  13. citation needed
  14. Also necessary to end the war. Without it, millions would have died in an invasion
  15. Also necessary to end Depression
  16. also citation needed
  17. There wer no laws against this. People loved him. He obviously knew what he was doing.
  18. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Nazi Germany was a far greater threat to the world than the Soviet Union was at the time. Everyone knew as soon as the war was over we would have to deal with them. But better to buddy up with them and end the war than do nothing at all.