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I'm very happy to hear that it will be similar to 3 and 4. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I just hope that I can get as attached to the cast as I did 3 and 4. That's most of the reason I love the games so much.

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You all are acting like babies. If invasions scare you that much you probably shouldn't be playing Dark Souls in the first place. Its part of the experience. Man up and take a death.

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Personally I don't see the big deal, yeah getting invaded and killed sucks, but to me, that's Dark Souls. Just another obstacle you have to overcome. If anything, it will for people to get better at the game. No complaints here about this.

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So, is the WWE trying to bury Bryan or is this a long con? Like, I fucking love the guy, and I can't tell if they're actively burying him, or if they are waiting to push him for even bigger crowd reactions.

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@marcsman: Books don't count, as they are not the HBO show I enjoy watching. DVDs and Blu Rays exist, for crazy expensive prices that again, I can't afford.

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That title made me think I was on Cracked for a second.
But in all seriousness, I think these are pretty reasonable predictions.

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It's a real shame about how HBO refuses to make GoT more accessible. I don't have HBO, I can't afford it and won't likely be able to any time soon. So, I'm only left with the option that I don't want to take, but it's really all I can do. That said, I'm super hyped.

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@stonyman65: Have you read the whole thread? This isn't the end of anything, the internet is overreacting and taking a slippery slope approach to this.

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@naru_joe93: nono, this is the internet, we're supposed to throw our hands up and panic and cry that the end of everything is upon us.

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Now, I'm not a lawyer or anything, but doesn't this only apply to that specific federal district? And Isn't that district ONLY DC and nowhere else?