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So, apparently Gamespot is allowing multiple reviews for games with the new site, and McShea's review is certainly causing a lot of controversy, what do you all think of this?

Here's the review

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Can't believe some people got upset when GTA V got a 9 from gamespot.

From what I can tell, it's not the 9 people are upset about. It's the "misogyny in muh vidya" bullshit cropping up again.

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It was on the schedule, the countdown happened, but there's nothing, sooooooo yeah

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@bumpton: Because as someone else mentioned, the face behind the product is sometimes important. Fish is an asshole, plain and simple. I don't wish to support him in any way, because that will just inflate his ego more. By cancelling Fez 2, he basically boycotted himself.

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Personally I greatly respect Beer for saying what many of us have been thinking. Fish is an incredibly pretentious hipster. He doesn't understand the meaning of the word "humble" and thinks he's god's gift to the indie scene. The fact that he threw this little temper tantrum shows me that Beer is correct. Fish is a tosspot. It's okay for him to act like an asshole on twitter to his own fans, call them ingrates, tell people to choke on his dick and say Japanese games are crap, but calling him a hipster and expressing what everyone else thinks about him is too far? Please. I'm glad Fez 2 is cancelled.

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Given the fact that Charlie can summon his persona naturally, and P3MC has to use an evoker to force it out, I have to say Charlie wins.

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And this is why we don't use Kickstarter

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You mean Phil Fish is crazy and willing to pull stupid shit for free publicity? NO WAY! Seriously all Indie Game the Movie did for me was ensure that I would never buy anything with him involved. He's a whiny manchild and deserves the shit people throw at him.

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I have a pretty deep and irrational hatred for Borderlands 2. The breaking point for me in that game was Tiny Tina. And I dont really "hate" it but more I think it gets way way too much credit and that is the mass effect series.

Yes. So much this. I bought Borderlands 2 because my friends loved it but holy shit did I hate it. I hated everything about it. The guns, the quests, the characters, the writing. All of it was so bad. I'll never understand the appeal of Borderlands 2. My friends were howling with laughter at the "jokes" and I just wanted to stop playing. So yeah, Borderlands 2 is probably my most hated game.

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R.I.P. Ryan Davis. You were a truly great man. It was wonderful watching you all these years. My thoughts go out to his friends and family. It will never be Tuesday again.