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Xbox, The next generation of Neckbeard.

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What fuels me is just general stupid things that will happen, weather its a bug, lag or a flying hippopotamus drops onto my face.

Some days I'm more edgy than others.

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See now when I start dying over and over. I cant stop myself from playing until I beat it, or get past the part i'm stuck on.Call me sadistic, but I love the brain rage.

I'll piss a moan until I beat it, but once I do. Oh man,

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So anyone who has played a game knows about the feeling of rage you get when you can't get past some stupid platform, finish off a boss, or trying to figure out just how they got that headshot on you.

What follows suite? Depends on the person, I enjoy the generic yelling and hollering, along with a mix of words that might offend a mother in a different language.

But the real question is, What makes you rage and how do you express it?

Please refer to this cat for any questions.

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I can never bare myself to make a new character.

I pour too much work into the first one and do things i'd rather not repeat again.

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@theht Diving right into the storm. Body is ready.

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The internet

What do you do now?

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Buy some really nice designer pants and strut your stuff.

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Its not being ruined but is just trying to keep up with what society and this generation wants.

Which is competition, its all about being better than someone else and showing off.Multiplayer hardly feels like a "casual" thing anymore, like lets get some friends together and play and have fun. Not too say its not fun, but the fanbase of some games really ruin it for me.