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They are not using the Gamebryo engine for Persona 5; I don't understand where people are getting this from.

Catherine was an amazing game, and that includes its gameplay. It's really cool to see that the Persona 5 team's usual meeting place shares vibes with the Stray Sheep, which was an amazing location for how small and often visited it is throughout the game.

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Ditch 'em, I don't care. I enjoyed Catherine's presentation and character expressions just fine without them, and I could see Persona 5 working just as well, based on the trailer.

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Japanese release date: June 25th, 2015

Actual preview trailer won't be released until later. Nanako Dojima is also playable character.

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1 hour to go until ????. I hope the stream stays up for people that dont pay for Nico premium.

You don't need Niconico Premium to watch the stream on Niconico or on p-ch.jp. It hasn't kicked me as of yet, and Niconico Live is all I've used.

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@limond said:

I'm excited about this is only for the return of the Endurance Run.

A Persona 4: Dancing All Night Endurance Run? Sure, that sounds alright.

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@epidehl: I put a list of streams in the OP. A Niconico account isn't hard to make. You can watch one of the restreamers, or just go to http://p-ch.jp/ to watch the stream there.