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So? I only considered it an issue for mechanics reasons, since you needed your Persona for stuff like Bursts. But if they found a way around that for Sho there's no reason they can't do it for Dojima.

If we're talking about unrealistic match-ups they threw out that idea awhile ago. Even with a more combat focused Persona, Rise shouldn't be anywhere near the same skill level as the other characters. That's just one of those things you have to suspend your disbelief in a fighting game.

Rise makes complete sense because her Persona changes from a support one to a combat one in the story, potentially with the help of Elizabeth. There is no suspension of disbelief required there, especially since Persona evolution has been a recurring element throughout the series, alongside the evolution of one's psyche.

Every single choice in P4AU's roster is based around narrative. This is why the Persona 3 main character is not a playable character, and why Dojima would be an idiotic inclusion (which Atlus themselves have stated).

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I used to believe they wouldn't consider adding any Persona-less characters to the game, but they already have a Persona-less version of Sho in the game, so that's clearly not a restriction anymore.

Sho is not a normal person. Dojima is a normal person.

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Working in game QA, I've encountered a fair amount of this because of the laid back, entry level job environment. I just ignore it, but it's very irritating.

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Angel Beats is the only show that truly affected me. Would have never expected that from the initial episodes, but that ending was incredibly bittersweet and moving.

@joshth: Just finished the Steins;Gate VN myself (only watched 10 episodes of the anime a while back before stopping to wait for the VN, however). Still have to go back and get the true ending, but it definitely went places I wasn't expecting.

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Yeah, I'm importing the limited edition Japanese release coming out later this month, and I'll buy the NA release when it's out next month (probably, since Atlus USA still hasn't given an official release date despite the fact it's probably September 30).

Might organize a GB P4AU tournament like I did for P4A if we have enough people who'd participate.

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High likelihood that Persona 5 will be a 2015 release in Japan. Recall: Winter 2010 release for Catherine = February 2011 release in Japan:

"Winter 2014" actually means "Mid-December 2014 to March 2015", so a February/March 2015 release for Persona 5 in Japan would be correct. This would leave them more time to start advertising, after they're mostly done with it for P4D.

Soejima has recently said that we should have more Persona 5 news soon, though, so who knows when "soon" means.

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I just have to wonder how many of these characters will be 8 dollar dlc characters?

Marie and Margaret, 'cause Adachi's free unless you don't download him during the first week.

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Interesting thread to see resuscitated as I head into my first time in university in September with computer science as my major. I've done Cal I, Cal II and Linear Algebra, so I might be at least a bit used to the kind of math I'll be encountering. Got "Multivariable Calculus" (which I assume is Cal III) and "Mathematics for Computer Science" lined up for this fall term.

The way I see things, it really doesn't matter whether or not I initially dislike Comp. Sci. or not. It's something I'll need to endure, just like everything else I've endured until now in school, because there's nothing else I can think of to do and make a proper career out of.

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But we don't have quests anymore.

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@deadpancakes: The tarot cards come with a pre-order for the non-premium edition, just fyi.