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@sanity said:

That wasen't his point, hes just stating how easy it is to say something dumb without thinking about context or situation.

It being easy doesn't make it a "silly mistake" as opposed to something more significant. A lot of things can be deemed "silly mistakes", but that doesn't make the repercussions of those actions unjust. It's called self-control, especially in a case like this where one's flying off the handle because of the pettiest of reasons.

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@theking said:

Great job Valve, you ended a promising young career because of one silly mistake. Win for the SJWs! Now let's all go buy some hats and other Valve micro transactions!

Also last year "Scoops" said everyone who uses Adblock should "die in a fire". Maybe his career should be ruined also.

By whom, us? He didn't state it towards someone at a higher authoritative position than he is like this Mike person did, so who exactly would ruin his career in your scenario?

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So it isn't about the death threat? It's about a character flaw?

Don't twist my words. You stated the following: "I feel that looking at these worthless tweets doesn't come close to giving me a good impression of who Maulbeck is", and that is what I am objecting to, because we obviously have a pretty good idea, past the tweet that started it all, of what this person's character is like.

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@superkenon said:

@spraynardtatum said:

This guy is now blacklisted for a dumb tweet and that seems to be what a majority of people think is the correct decision. I disagree. I feel that looking at these worthless tweets doesn't come close to giving me a good impression of who Maulbeck is and should not be a defining factor of if this developer is allowed to participate in the workforce. He's passionate and wants the best for his creation. I find that to be an enviable quality in a co-worker. I would work with someone who would say something like this on the internet.

I applaud you for not letting this one unfortunate exposure to this man be your first and final judgement of him. People are definitely more than the mistakes they make. He's very likely a decent guy who just said something supremely dumb.


The archive of the public Steam conversation he had with the dev. in question. Mike Maulbeck: "ill get back to you when im done counting my stacks of money"

His "apology", referring to whatever other corporation he would be working for as "shitty."

It's not just about his one inflammatory tweet. The guy's an asshole, straight up.

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So the official release date for North America has been announced and both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will be released on December 16th, only 12 days after the Japanese console release.

Also a reminder: The PS3 and PS4 versions of GG Xrd will have cross-play, so the communities won't be split by being released on both consoles.

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@dragon_puncher: Really wouldn't be surprised if it's just completely dead.

Astounding that they didn't give the PS4 version for free for those that already bought the PS3 version.

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December 9th in North America.

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@mrfluke said:

i see what your saying, but that endurance run of Persona 4 was in my opinion the breakout hit for the site during the early days, and Jeff liked the first Persona 4 Arena mainly for how it continued the story for those characters.

i mean it is what it is. its still a great game thats a great sendoff for those characters without their coverage, but im just surprised there's 0 mention of the game on the site.

For the former, even more reason for them to avoid it. Jeff's said several times in the past that he doesn't want GB to become "that Persona site." Sounded a weird note to me back then, but that's still a thing.

It's one of my favorite games of the year for sure but, yeah, it's still an anime fighting game that they might not feel the need to cover. Not that I expected there to be no mention of it, but hey. It's still a game that's getting critically well received and all, so there's that.

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@mrfluke said:

Man, a week went and pass and nothing from either GB offices on this game. quite surprised.

It might not be a relatively big enough or noteworthy release for them to pay attention to.