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Arthur Gies being amazing, as per usual:

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He was a victim of baseless IGN reporting recently with the whole Amy Hennig stuff, as well.

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Via IGN:

IGN received a report this evening that The Last Guardian has been officially cancelled, that was apparently disclosed in Sony's internal meeting last week.

It's still a rumor, though. Not confirmed until, well, it's confirmed.


Source. Heh, now things are getting interesting. If this rumor doesn't pan out, IGN won't be looking too good when it comes to future reports like this, seeing how this might be getting one of the biggest in terms of traction.


Official PlayStation Twitter retweeted Rohde's tweet:


Update 2:

IGN have updated their article with the following:

Update 3:

Original IGN story claimed that there were multiple sources substantiating their claim. Now?

Update 4:

IGN issues an apology:


Last night, I made a call to post a story about the cancellation of The Last Guardian. The source for this information was, in my opinion as IGN’s Editor in Chief, credible enough to justify running the story. While there is still a discrepancy with what our source has said, Scott Rohde’s Twitter post makes it clear that our original source was in error. The business of handling news sources involves some assumption of risk and last night my evaluation of that risk was clearly in error.

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@omega said:

I am all in.

I just wish it was coming this year for non Japanese speakers such as myself. Oh well I have only myself to blame for my unilingual lifestyle.

Persona Q is launching in fall 2014 in North America. So is Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. The Persona games that are launching in 2015 are Persona 4 Dancing and Persona 5.

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@mrfluke: If I remember correctly one of the earlier trailers stated this will be the final chapter. Not sure if it's with P4 in general or just the Arena series. I would have to look at it again.

In every piece of media they've put out saying something like that, they have always stated that P4AU will be "the final chapter in the P-1 Grand Prix saga", so not the P4A series or the P3/P4 storyline.

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I have. I mean I love that they got them to do the intro to the game that has the P3 and P4 characters together to keep with the motif. Not that I thought it was impossible for them to work together.

Yeah, it's a great way to bring together both P3 and P4 musically. They're doing the same with the opening theme for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

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That's some great box art.

@niveous said:

I'm puzzled over the giant hand at the top. At first I thought it was Akihiko's cloak, but you can see a fingernail so it can't be.

It's most likely Sho's.

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I am excited.