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My favorite part is Rorie's lil' pup friend. :D

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@corevi: Definitely one of my favorite Jeff moments. One of the best bombcast moments, really.

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Samantha Kalman all the way!

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I agree on both convictions. I laughed pretty hard at the "I've never had a salad" statement. Pragmatically, I say whatever good for him, but as a vegetarian the idea of never having EVER eaten a salad (of any kind) was pretty funny.

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French Horn players represent! Definitely French Horn if it's instruments we play.

In general, at this point in my life, I'd have to say the Mandolin. There are some pretty great mandolin players out there (looking at you, Chris Thile). Theremins are also really cool, been meaning to find more music. Really the answer for me changes based on mood.

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I played League a bit a while back, and they might have changed things a bit by now (a year and a half or so later), but I guess I just I appreciated the presentation in Dota 2 a lot better? Not a knock against LoL really, I just absolutely love the Audio Direction and Design in Dota 2. Plus I don't have to launch another thing, I just have to have steam open (which I do most of the time). I'd say it's the ease of access and history from the first Dota that makes it more prevalent in the games press and such. I do agree with @slyspider that my view being focused on Dota 2 has a lot to do with dodrad Brad's obsession with it on the site.